Painted Carnage

This is Carnage for Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s affiliated only with Spider Foes, which I guess is fitting considering that is pretty much the limit of his comic book appearances. Carnage is a fairly one dimension piece on the tabletop, being highly focussed on murdering everyone on the other team, and is very good at it. There was a while (sadly before I got him) when he was among the top meta choices for out-of-affiliation picks, mainly because of the interaction with the Doomed Prophecy card. Now that this card is moved to Asgard only, Carnage seems to have fallen out of favour. He’s a hard character to pick as his defences against energy and mystic attack types is abysmal so he always runs the risk of just being blown off the table before he gets revved up if the other team is packing a good mix of attack types.

Carnage was one of the few minis I have painted recently that I actively disliked. He’s only two colours but painting all that veiny black symbiote was an exercise in frustration after I’d worked on the red skin. I’m glad to call him complete and put him to one side now.

Next on the painting table: Honey Badger.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Carnage

  1. Another fine addition. 🙂

  2. He looks great! I can see why all the black would drive you nuts painting! I would like to pick-up Mysterio in the future, but that would be only way I would pick this miniature up.

    • Thanks Eric. Mysterio is a really fun mini, and to be honest I’m in the same boat as you – I probably wouldn’t have picked up a Carnage box without Mysterio in it.

  3. The extra effort has paid off mate, he’s very effective!

  4. It might have been a pain but the veins came out really nicely. You handled Cletus very well! I think that is the character’s real name anyway 🙂 Carnage is another character I don’t know terribly well but I know he has plenty of fans out there.

    • Thanks! You have a good memory for comics – his ‘real’ name is Cletus Kassidy. I think that he’s meant to be an out-and-out baddie, but then I thought that about Venom too and he seems to have transitioned into a kind of anti-hero at some point.

  5. I know about the frustrating models to paint but he looks good. Looks nasty and a handfull to deal with,

    • Cheers! I was glad to get him off the table to be honest. Carnage has a natural home in Spider Foes, of course, but I’m not sure where else he would be well placed now – perhaps with Steve Rogers for some bodyguard shenanigans.

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