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Painted Dead Doxies

Here are a pair of Dead Doxies for my Malifaux Resurrectionist crews. I love these little ladies on the table and rarely leave home without one. The main draw is the (0) action to push things around; being able to hussle your master an extra walk up the table before they activate can be really useful in turn one. Since Malifaux is principally a game of positioning, anything that gives more control over this is helpful. They’re surprisingly good at fighting too, which is handy since mine often find themselves in harm’s way after repositioning something through the middle of the board.

For the painting I still couldn’t quite get the rotting skin tone to work as it looks in my mind. The one in the red dress is a bit better than previous efforts but the one in green just doesn’t really look very zombie-like at all. More work is required, but these are good enough to count as finished for now.

Next on the painting table: Molly Squidpiddge.

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