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Painted Steam Trunk

This is the Steam Trunk, the totem for the Malifaux Outcast master, Von Schill. I haven’t actually played Von Schill yet so I don’t have any feeling for how the Steam Trunk works on the table. I will say that I’ve almost never seen it played against me when I face Von Schill crews. I bought the Freikorps crew box so that I could use the rest of the crew with Tara.

In fact, the only reason that this little box made it so far up the painting queue was because I found it so irritating. For a 3 soulstone totem it comes in a ridiculous 33 pieces to assemble. For practical painting reasons I had to paint it up in 4 separate sections: both tracks, the lid and the main body. I couldn’t put it on the base until I had the whole thing painted and put together. The Steam Trunk was simple enough to paint. I made sure that the little Freikorps suit in the middle had colours matching the actual Freikorpsmen.




Next on the painting table: Killjoy.

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Malifaux tournament report: Autumn’s End (50SS); 20Sep2015

Middlefaux was less than 24 h behind us when Joe and I, refreshed by being able to stay in bed later than 5am, hit the road again to the much more convenient destination of Common Ground Games in Stirling for a rather lower key Malifaux event. The Malifaux community has really taken off in Stirling and among the 20 or so players were about 8 who were new to the tournament scene; it was great to see them getting their first taste of tournament play. I’ve been playing Guild in tournaments all year, so between that and the expected less experienced field I committed to playing Outcasts for this event. I’ve never taken them out to an event before and I’ve only actually played one master at all (Tara). I figured I’d probably be OK as long as I didn’t end up playing Maria, Queen Beyond The Wall and all round expert in all things Outcast. It’s never good to play a crew that your master knows better than you.

Game 1: Outcasts (me) vs Resurrectionists (Kai)

Strategy: Squatter’s Rights

Pool: Line in the Sand, Distract, Breakthrough, Plant Explosives, Cursed Object
Outcasts: Line in the Sand (announced), Cursed Object
Resurrectionists: Breakthrough (unannounced), Distract

Outcasts: Tara (Knowledge of Eternity, Obliteration Symbiote), Freikorpsman, Freikorps Librarian, Freikorps Trapper, Killjoy, Void Wretch, Johan, Malifaux Child, Hodgepodge Effigy
Resurrectionists: Dr Douglas McMourning (Evidence Tampering, Moonlighting), Sebastian, Zombie Chihuahua, Flesh Construct, Crooked Man, 2 Canine Remains, 3 Crooligans, Nurse

In my relatively few games using Tara I’ve really enjoyed throwing Killjoy at people and just letting them waste their AP killing him, so I decided to go for that option despite the relatively ‘un-killy’ strategy and scheme pool. I picked Line in the Sand on the basis that corner deployment gives a lot of space on the centreline, plus I was planning to go there anyway for the strategy. Breakthrough would need me to move much further than I planned (i.e. past the centreline) so I somewhat arbitrarily picked between the remaining schemes.


Turn 1: The Trapper one shots the Crooligan on the left. I’ve no idea why I chose to do that first as it prevented Tara from getting Reactivate; I guess I just got excited at the prospect for an early way to level the piece count. The Child makes Johan fast. The rest the turn is spent jockeying for position. I briefly consider holding Killjoy for another turn but decide to throw him at the Flesh Construct anyway. Sadly I Black Joker one attack and Kai Red Jokers another so the effect is quite minimal. At least he’ll take a bit of work to kill.


Turn 2: Tara drops the rubbish cards out of my hand to make everything nearby (including the Flesh Construct) Fast, then pings the Construct twice for slow and drags a couple of nice cards out of Kai’s hand to avoid Glimpse The Void. McMourning beats up Killjoy, then Killjoy finishes the Flesh Construct and starts smiting McMourning. The Nurse fails to make Take Your Meds stick on Johan. My Freikorpsman climbs up the building and swings wildly at the Crooligan; later in the turn it will have similarly little effect in return but the point was only to stop Kai from claiming the Squat marker. The Trapper takes the corner Squat marker. Johan squashes the poor Chihuahua after it moved up to fart on some of my crew, then charges McMourning. The Child fails to make the Effigy fast, so it has to just climb slowly up the building to get to the Squat marker. The Librarian hands the Crooked Man a Cursed Object, then Tara makes everything Fast again (catching the Crooked Man this time since the Flesh Construct is dead) and claims the central marker. I score for the strategy and for Cursed Object.


Turn 3: Killjoy eats McMourning and moves to engage Sebastian and the Crooked Man. Over in the far corner, the Crooligan pokes at the Void Wretch, which has finally arrived, and receives a Cursed Object in return. The Librarian hurts the Crooked Man, then the Nurse continues to fail at life by messing up two tries at Take Your Meds on Tara. The Freikorpsman on the building finally delivers enough 1 damage hits to drop the Crooligan. The Crooked Man Distracts the Librarian and Killjoy. Tara hands out slow to various pieces, Johan bonks Sebastian a couple of times and the little mortuary assistant fails to disengage. My Trapper kills a Canine Remains. Kai scores for Distract, I score for Cursed Object and Squatter’s Rights.


Turn 4: Johan kills Sebastian, then the Crooked Man pokes Killjoy so Black Blood finishes off Johan; he refuses to take a second swing since that would kill himself. Killjoy kills off the Crooked Man anyway and also one-shots the Nurse who has foolishly wandered too close. The last Crooligan Distracts the Void Wretch and pops away; it follows and passes another Cursed Object. The Canine Remains, which has been skulking behind the row of buildings begins a run for Breakthrough and after throwing all sorts of attacks at it I finally manage to bury it with Tara. The Void Wretch dies of poison and out pops the dog again. I score for Cursed Object and Squatter’s Rights again and Kai picks up another for Distract. I should have removed Distract from the Librarian but I wanted to deal with the Canine Remains.


Turn 5: The Canine Remains runs to put down a marker for Breakthrough; Tara removes the first scheme marker from last turn. Most of my crew hide from Killjoy, who eventually removes his Distract condition. By the time I’m able to kill of the Canine Remains I don’t have enough AP in the right places to remove the scheme marker. Outcasts win 10 – 3 (full score for me; 1 for Breakthrough and 2 for Distract for Kai).


I really enjoyed giving Tara her first tournament run out. I can’t believe that I made such a basic mistake as forgetting to activate her first in the first turn, there was simply no reason not to do it. The other turns I needed other pieces more so it was a choice not to use her Reactivate. In general I was happy with how the game went; Killjoy lasted a lot longer than I expected as I normally plan on him being a distraction while I get on with scoring points so I was delighted that he actually managed to kill McMourning.

Game 2: Outcasts (me) vs Outcasts (Maria)

Strategy: Stake A Claim

Pool: Line in the Sand, Distract, Protect Territory, Deliver A Message, Spring The Trap
My Outcasts: Protect Territory (announced), Distract
Maria’s Outcasts: Protect Territory (announced), Distract

My Outcasts: Tara (Scramble, Obliteration Symbiote), Freikorps Librarian, 2 Freikorps Trappers, Void Wretch, Malifaux Child, Rusty Alyce, Bishop
Maria’s Outcasts: Hamelin (Infectious Melodies, Piper, Sewer King), Stolen, Nix (Oathkeeper), Ama No Zako (Oathkeeper), Obedient Wretch, 2 Crooligans, Iggy (Oathkeeper)

So here I am, playing an unfamiliar faction against the premier player of that faction in my area. This will be a tough game. I took Scramble on Tara thinking that if need be I could just run around with her and drop markers all over the place. Alyce and Bishop are similarly speedy and I borrowed a second Trapper in the hope of either using From The Shadows to score a cheap Claim marker or taking pot-shots at targets of opportunity.


Turn 1: I draw the worst hand I’ve ever had in Malifaux with the highest card as a 3; even after stoning I only have a single card above that number. For the first part of the turn I also flip horribly and so am unable to cheat even when Maria only flips a modest card of her own. Iggy Incites the nearby Trapper; this is really clever move as it stops me from Reactivating Tara. Ama No Zako smites the one in the other corner. Tara and the Child make Bishop and Alyce Fast then head for the far half of the board. The Librarian hurt the Crooligan on the right and Alyce kills the one on the left. While all this happens, various combinations of orphans and vermin are multiplying in the far corner. Hamelin Obeys Nix to where he can see Bishop; Nix then spends Oathkeeper and Distracts Bishop and the Void Wretch. Funnily enough I never previously realised that you could score Distract in turn 1; Maria does so.


Turn 2: Tara Slows Iggy and the surviving Crooligan Distracts the Librarian and then disappears onto the roof where I will really struggle to get to her. The Child makes Bishop Fast, then the cage fighter kills Nix and removes Distract. The Trapper pings Iggy for a little more damage, the Librarian removes Distract and the Void Wretch puts down my first Claim marker. More rats and children are forming and reforming into various permutations in Maria’s corner. Alyce Focuses and shoots at Ama No Zako, who double walks to engage her. Iggy uses Oathkeeper and Distracts Tara. Maria scores for Distract and I score for Stake A Claim.


Turn 3: Iggy Incites the Trapper again, denying me the second use of Tara. The Trapper Distracts him. Ama No Zako fights Alyce who eventually Distracts her back. The Void Wretch removes its Distract, Tara Slows Iggy and the Child makes Bishop Fast again. The Crooligan Stakes a Claim then Bishop Stakes on right back near her to remove that marker. Ratty shenanigans continue in the corner but a Rat King is eventually sent out with Reactivate from a Rat Catcher. Hamelin walks the long way round the building and sacrifices Iggy as a Useless Toy, then the Rat King races over and Distracts Alyce. I score for the strategy and Maria scores for Distract.


Turn 4: Tara pings Hamelin a couple of times to draw out a couple of good hands avoiding being buried. Ama No Zako and the Rat King fight Alyce but can’t bring her down. The Crooligan, Librarian and Void Wretch all drop scheme markers. Alyce Distract the Rat King and I now need to hope that Maria can’t get close enough to it to make it sacrifice itself. Tara walks over and climbs up the building to be able to see the Crooligan but misses the shot at her; in retrospect I should have done this from the start but it didn’t occur to me. Hamlin rushes round the building, Obeys the Rat Catcher forward and makes it Fast. He also sacrifices a nearby underling to draw some cards. The Rat Catcher comes in and… successfully Reactivates the Rat King (and also drops a scheme marker for good measure). The Rat King sacrifices itself to stop me scoring Distract. It is a draw at 6 – 6 (3 for Stake A Claim and 3 for Protect Territory for me; 3 for Distract and 3 for Protect Territory for Maria).


I loved playing that game. Holding a player of Maria’s calibre to a draw when playing using a crew she knows better than me was a great result as far as I am concerned. I must remember Tara’s vulnerability to Incite for future games as it is not something that I had previously seen. I feel like Maria spent a lot of time doing various things with rats and children in her own deployment zone that didn’t look to have a huge impact on how the game actually played out; of course some of the models eventually came out of it that were important (notably the Rat King and Rat Catcher) but for the effect they had it looks like Maria could have just hired them in the first place. Alyce was pleasingly resilient and Bishop is just hilarious with Fast on him so I’m glad I tried them out with Tara.

Game 3: Outcasts (me) vs Outcasts (Ali)

Strategy: Reconnoitre

Pool: Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Deliver A Message, Cursed Object
My Outcasts: Breakthrough (announced), Cursed Object
Ali’s Outcasts: Deliver A Message (announced), Assassinate

My Outcasts: Tara (Knowledge of Eternity, Obliteration Symbiote), Freikorpsman, Freikorps Librarian, Freikorps Trapper, Killjoy, Void Wretch, Johan, Malifaux Child, Hodgepodge Effigy
Ali’s Outcasts: Von Schill (The Shirt Comes Off), 2 Ronin, 2 Convict Gunslingers, Freikorps Librarian, Freikorps Trapper, Hans

After playing one of the strongest players in the area I found myself up against a very inexperienced player (in fact, I think it was Ali’s first tournament). I went with the same crew as the first game with idea of throwing Killjoy into the biggest clump of targets I could find and keeping them tied up around him while I work on the strategy. Johan provides some handy condition removal if I need it and the rest of the crew are independent middle-weight options to allow me to really spread out for Reconnoitre. Breakthrough is a simple pick in close deployment and I decided that Cursed Object was probably the simplest option against this crew.


Turn 1: Hans Slows my Trapper. I inexplicably pick the Child next to make Johan Fast; I have no idea why I didn’t use Tara as there was no reason not to do it. One Ronin walks out from behind the building and is shouted at a lot by the Librarian (how can you shout ‘Shhh’ so much that it hurts?). The Trapper goes to finish her off but Black Jokers the damage flip. Tara does what is needed instead and Slows the other Ronin, followed by Johan beating her a little. On the other side of the board, Von Schill slaps around my Effigy a little.


Turn 2: Tara moves up and launches Killjoy into Von Schill. After the onslaught the mustachioed one is still standing and The Shirt Comes Off, paralysing my Effigy. He also beats Killjoy rather hard but can’t finish the big monster. My Librarian, not content with her sterling work on the Ronin, flips like a champion to drop the Convict Gunslinger on the right. Ali’s Trapper misses a shot a Johan and mine blows Hans off his rooftop perch. The Child makes Johan Fast and he kills off the second Ronin. Ali’s Librarian fails to heal Von Schill and finally my Freikorpsman gives the Gunslinger a Cursed Object (but you can’t see them hiding behind a building on the left). I score for Reconnoitre.


Turn 3: Tara buries Killjoy then immediately unburies him to fire him at Von Schill again. It doesn’t work and Von Schill, badly wounded though he is, finishes Killjoy. The Freikorpsman pokes ineffectually at the Gunslinger but survives the return volley. Ali’s Librarian again fails to heal her boss and receives a Cursed Object from the Hodgepodge Effigy. Tara charges Von Schill. I score for the strategy.


Turn 4: Von Schill hurts Tara (quite a bit in fact) so she kills him. Ali’s Trapper kills mine. My Void Wretch, feeling quite lonely, drops scheme markers all over the backfield. The Gunslinger and Freikorpsman continue to bounce off each other and the Effigy, somehow still alive on a single wound for most of the game, Curses the Librarian.  I score for the Strategy again.


Turn 5: I win iniative and remember that Ali announced Deliver a Message so Tara uses Lost Instants to stop that happening. Ali has seen enough and calls it there, though it’s only after we’re tidying up that he mentions Assassinate was his other scheme. I think I could have kept Tara alive but it would have been interesting to play it out. My Outcasts win 10 – 0.

Ali was a lovely opponent and I hope that he enjoyed his day enough to come out for future events. The game was quite one-sided due to Ali’s lack of experience but he’ll get better by playing more games. Notably taking Assassinate and Deliver A Message seemed a tough choice considering other options in the scheme pool and his model placement could definitely improve. But these are things he’ll earn with more games under his belt. The game went pretty much according to plan for me but I must remember that Von Schill is quite a tough ask for Killjoy and start using him more sensibly. I’m a little disappointed in myself for forgetting to activate Tara first in turn 1 again.

In the end, I come in second place behind Connor and ahead of Maria by a single VP difference, so actually getting the shut-out against Ali at the end did affect the placings. I really enjoyed taking Tara out for a change, she’s a highly entertaining master to play and she seems to have the flexibility to cover a lot of situations. Thanks to Kai, Maria and Ali for three more great games of Malifaux and to Jamie for his work as the tournament organiser. All in all it was a great weekend to play 7 games of Malifaux.

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Malifaux tournament report: Middlefaux (50SS); 19Sep2015

Joe, Furycat and I drove down to Middlesbrough for the Middlefaux Malifaux tournament. We were part of a group of 8 travellers from the Scotland gaming scene which is probably the most people we’ve ever managed to drag to an event outside Scotland itself. After the usual nonsense to get us started (i.e. Joe picking me up half an hour later than planned) we arrived in time to chat with old and new friends and look around the rather nice venue.

Game 1: Guild (me) vs Ten Thunders (Stephen)

Strategy: Head Hunter

Pool: Line in the Sand, Power Ritual, Assassinate, Plant Evidence, Protect Territory
Guild: Plant Evidence (announced), Power Ritual (announced)
Ten Thunders: Power Ritual (announced), Assassinate

Guild: Sonnia Criid (Reincarnation), Papa Loco (Hermanos De Armas), 2 Hunters, Brutal Effigy, Death Marshal, Austringer, Watcher, 2 Guild Hounds
Ten Thunders: Lucas McCabe (Glowing Sabre, Badge of Speed), Toshiro the Daimyo (Blot The Sky, Command The Graves), 2 Thunder Archers, 2 Punk Zombies, Pathfinder

I had been intending to try Sonnia out making more use of Flame Walls to protect myself from retaliation but with this board I figured that just getting line of sight to anything would be enough of a problem and shelved the idea. The Austringer is great for Head Hunter because of the push and interact from Deliver Orders. I had some kind of vague plan about sending the Hounds for one corner and the Watcher to the other and hoping that one of them would make it to score for Power Ritual. Plant Evidence was picked over Protect Territory on the grounds that in corner deployment I’d have to move about as far to put down the markers, but Plant Evidence didn’t require my pieces to stay there until the end of the game.


Turn 1: McCabe reactivates one Punk Zombie and passes the Sabre to the other then races forward, presumably to get into the Thick Of It. My Hunter plinks the Pathfinder for Slow to stop it from getting any funny ideas about shooting my clumped up pieces early on. Papa Loco tells Sonnia to Hold This and pulls her through one of the only open channels on the board; a Death Marshal follows him and tuck him into his Pine Box. Sonnia then saunters into the edge of the wood so that she can see McCabe and knocks him off his horse with a timely cheated Red Joker. The rest of the crews slog into engagement range.

Turn 2: Sonnia finishes off McCabe, the Pathfinder and the nearby Punk Zombie. She summons a Stalker from the latter simply because I find it amusing to use Reincarnation even when it’s not especially useful. Toshiro War Fans one of the Archer then summons an Ashigaru from the remains of the Pathfinder. The Hunter nearby kills it off. The Fast Archer knocks the Effigy down to Hard To Kill and hands out Slow. The Watcher and Hounds, having made it to their corners, start dropping scheme markers and finally the Austringer makes the Effigy pick up the head of the Pathfinder. I score Head Hunter.


Turn 3: The lead Archer fails to drop the Death Marshal then the Effigy collects the Ashigaru’s head (not sure what it was using since I already picked up the one from the Pathfinder earlier). Sonnia immolates both Archers and hurts Toshiro with the blast damage. The Hunter and Stalker gang up to finish the second Punk Zombie. Toshiro summons another Ashigaru and my Hounds kill it again. I score for the Strategy.


Turn 4: Toshiro summons an Ashigaru, then Sonnia turns both of them into expanding clouds of ash. Guild win 10 – 1 (full score for me; 1 point for Power Ritual for Stephen).

That was a fun game and Stephen was a very nice person to play with, but by his own admission is quite new to the game. I hope I explained what I was doing clearly and gave some advice to help him out. From my side, everything went swimmingly so there isn’t much more to say.

Game 2: Guild (me) vs Resurrectionists (Martin)

Strategy: Turf War

Pool: Line in the Sand, Entourage, Spring The Trap, Breakthrough, Assassinate
Guild: Line in the Sand (announced), Breakthrough (announced)
Resurrectionists: Breakthrough (announced), Assassinate

Guild: Sonnia Criid (Reincarnation, Counterspell Aura, Cherufe’s Imprint), Malifaux Child, Papa Loco (Hermanos De Armas), 2 Hunters, Brutal Effigy, Death Marshal, Austringer, Watcher
Resurrectionists: Molly Squidpiddge (Forgotten Life, Tear of the Gorgon), Madame Sybelle (Not Too Banged Up), Killjoy (Decaying Aura), Yin the Penangalan, 2 Rotten Belles

This was my time to try out the more defensive oriented Sonnia I’ve been thinking of. I’m normally very agressive with Sonnia and it often ends up with me losing her to a counterpunch because I spend all my resources attacking and not defending. The idea was to use the Flame Walls for stopping retaliation by putting them close to Sonnia to block line of sight rather than using them primarily for choke points. I took Counterspell Aura to keep Belles at bay.


Turn 1: Sybelle moves forward and uses Call Belle to bring Molly to the very middle of the board. I think my suspicions were aroused here, but I didn’t do anything, partly because I don’t think that I could actually affect what I was expecting to happen (i.e. Killjoy to appear and maul me) and mainly because I forgot that Molly has Accomplice. Molly did indeed walk twice, summon a Necrotic Machine which died immediately to bring out Killjoy then use Whispers of Future Flesh to move the big lunk even further forward. Killjoy then chain activates and eats Sonnia (scoring Assassinate in the process) as not only is she pitifully easy to kill in melee but I couldn’t even prevent damage thanks to the Decaying Aura. Well, so much for that plan! A Belle Lures Molly back to relative safety. The other Belle Lures my Watcher up to Sybelle and the Austringer Delivers Orders to get it out of melee with her and drop a scheme marker. The Death Marshal puts Killjoy in his Pine Box.


Turn 2: The Hunter on the left drops a scheme marker and Slows Yin. Molly summons a pair of Punk Zombies in the general area of Papa Loco, the puts the old man on negative flips. So he does the only thing his can do, which is blow up. All this achieves is knocking the Punk Zombies back to Hard To Kill; the Austringer kills both after one of them cuts the Death Marshal a little. Sybelle hurts my Watcher while my pieces run around trying to drop scheme markers all over the place. Meanwhile, the Belles Lure my Effigy back and forth but fail to do much to it. We both score for Turf War.


Turn 3: Molly gives the Death Marshal the Terrible Truth, then kills him anyway. Both Belles charge the Effigy, who admittedly has led something of a charmed life up to this point, and eventually kill it off. The Austringer uses Distract a couple of times (I must remember to make more use of that trigger) to drain Martin’s hand, then improbably survives a charge from Killjoy. Both my Hunters drop scheme markers but Yin removes one on the left. Martin score for the strategy.


Turn 4: Molly summons a Student of Steel near the Hunter and makes it mauls my robot close to scrap. One of the Belles finishes off the Austringer and my Watcher somehow escapes Sybelle’s attentions to continue showering scheme markers across the back of the board. My Child, who had rather rashly gone into melee with a Belle earlier on (I’m not sure what I had been thinking there, other than that it wouldn’t be able to help me much) fails to disengage; I had been hoping to drag Killjoy away from my deployment zone to stop him from dropping markers for Breakthrough (which he duly does). The Hunter knocks off the Student and drops another scheme marker; the Hunter on the left continues its ridiculous dance with Yin. Martin scores for Turf War.


Turn 5: The Hunter attacks Molly in the hope of drawing some cards from her to slow the summoning. The Watcher, which has somehow survived up to this point, flies back toward the centre. Sybelle beats up the left Hunter but still fails to kill it; the Belle Lures it away so that Yin can remove the last of my scheme markers over there. At this point I have 2 scheme markers left for Line in the Sand. Molly makes a Belle Lure the Hunter engaging her away so that she can walk over and remove one of them. Killjoy, deprived of any charge targets, walks around and drops another marker for Breakthrough. We both score for the strategy. Guild lose 5 – 10 (2 for Turf War and 3 for Breakthrough for me; full score for Martin).


Wow, that was quite a start to a game. I often lose Sonnia but I don’t think that I’ve ever lost her so early before – that was activation 3 of turn 1. It is such a clever move by Martin and he counterpicked me really well. Oh well, now that I’ve seen the trick I’ll be able to start thinking about how to avoid it happening again. Losing Sonnia, who I’ll admit was my main plan for firepower here, really put me on the back foot and made the game really interesting as I scrambled to pick up whatever points I could manage. Martin is always a lovely opponent and this game was just as enjoyable as previous times I’ve played him. We broke for lunch – a picnic on a tiny piece of grass in an industrial estate – then it was back to the gaming.

Game 3: Guild (me) vs Arcanists (Graham)

Strategy: Collect The Bounty

Pool: Line in the Sand, Deliver a Message, Vendetta, Protect Territory, Bodyguard
Guild: Protect Territory (announced), Vendetta (Nino on the Acolyte who ended up being on my left)
Arcanists: Protect Territory (announced), Bodyguard (Mechanical Rider)

Guild: Perdita Ortega (Trick Shooting, Aura Ancestral), Austringer, 2 Hunters, Nino Ortega (Hair Trigger), Francisco Ortega (Wade In), Guardian
Arcanists: Rasputina (Cold Nights, December’s Pawn, Shattered Heart), 2 December Acolytes, 2 Ice Gamin, Malifaux Raptor, Mechanical Rider, Wendigo

I considered Sonnia here as I like her against Arcanists, but I thought that there was too much hard cover around to make her a great option. She’s also better at thinning out minions rather than dealing dealing with a smaller number of hard targets. More importantly, I decided that I wanted to try something that wasn’t Sonnia after the previous game’s demonstration of her vulnerability. Nino was mainly to dissuade Graham from taking Deliver a Message but I like him for opening up on Vendetta too if the right options are there.


Turn 1: Nino Rapid Fires into one of the Acolytes to get me started on Vendetta. It’s just as well he does, as Rasputina then kills him with a focussed shot followed up by a really good attack on a negative flip. The Austringer plinks at an Ice Gamin. Perdita sees her chance to drop the Mechanical Rider early and takes it. She Relocates to Francisco then walks over, ignores cover with Trick Shooting and twice gets the Witched Bullet trigger on shots to allow me to cheat in severe damage. I had debated letting it go so I could count the bounty for turn 2, but I decided on balance that it was worth losing out potentially on a point for the strategy to get the Rider out of my hair so early while it was still vulnerable.


Turn 2: Rasputina shoots Francisco for surprsingly little effect. On the right, my Hunter smites the Acolyte with a Red Joker damage flip, then on the left the surviving Acolyte does exactly the same to my other Hunter. The Raptor, which has landed next to the Austringer, rakes away at him for irony, then the Austringer knocks a couple more wounds off a Gamin. Francisco charges and kills the Raptor and Perdita polishes off the nearer Gamin. I score for Collect The Bounty.


Turn 3: Rasputine fires away at the Guardian but between hard cover and armour she might as well throw snowballs. The Austringer finishes the Acolyte (scoring me the second point for Vendetta in the process) and Francisco kills the second Ice Gamin. The Hunter finally gets a bead on the Wendigo and slows it. Perdita starts shooting at Rasputina. I score for the Strategy.


Turn 4: Rasputina continues to throw ice ineffectually at the Guardian. The Hunter kills the Wendigo and Perdita finishes things by gunning down Rasputina. Guild win 9 – 0 (4 for Collect The Bounty, 2 for Vendetta and 3 for Protect Territory for me; nothing for Graham).

That was a very funny board for shooting; there was line of sight all over the place but almost all models were in hard cover all the time. Of course, that was why I took pieces that could ignore cover. It was a funny comparison to the last game a played against Graham where there was very little cover at all. I think that Graham might have been expecting Sonnia; certainly I think that the Raptor was for her. Anyway, Graham was a gent throughout and it is a pleasure to be drawn with him.

Game 4: Guild (me) vs Arcanists (James)

Strategy: Reckoning

Pool: Line in the Sand, Make Them Suffer, Murder Protegé, Bodyguard, Breakthrough
Guild: Make Them Suffer, Bodyguard (Sidir Alchibal)
Arcanists: Breakthrough (announced), Murder Protegé(announced; The Judge)

Guild: Lady Justice (Last Stand), Francisco Ortega (Wade In), The Judge (Lead-Lined Coated), Sidir Alchibal (Promises), Austringer, Guardian, Brutal Effigy
Arcanists: Rasputina (Cold Nights, Arcane Reservoir), Snow Storm (Imbued Energies), 2 Ice Gamin, Wendigo, Sabretooth Cerberus, Myranda (Imbued Energies)

I’ve never actually played a single game with Lady Justice before, but I have been looking for an opportunity to play some variation on this list. The idea is to use the Brute Squad and keep them together to benefit from Promises; The Judge can bring the otherwise rather slow Sidir along for the ride with Stand For Judgement. Playing against a strong opponent like James with a master I’ve never used before isn’t really a brilliant idea from the perspective of winning games, but when you’re in the mood for something it’s better to go with it for hobbies. We ended up declaring all the hedges as height 1 dense to make it practical to actually traverse the board. Hence a lot of these photos have my miniatures lying down because we couldn’t get them to stand nicely in the hedge.


Turn 1: Snow Storm uses Ice Tornado to shuffle the Frozen Heart stuff together; most of the rest of the turn is just James positioning to kill all my guys and not let me into his while I try to close the gaps without letting Rasputina kill my whole crew. Rasputina does eventually get a couple of shots at Lady Justice (who rather pointlessly had used Covering Fire instead of just getting into cover) and then raises some Ice Pillars to keep herself safe.


Turn 2: I win initiative and decide to throw Lady Justice at Myranda. She’s about the worst target in the crew but it’s better than standing in the middle of a field being shot by Rasputina. Sadly, I don’t get the dose of luck that would have been needed to drop Myranda, so she steps back a little and becomes a Blessed of December. The Guardian applies Protect to Lady Justice and heals her a little. Francisco takes a pot shot at Rasputina to keep her busy. Rasputina demonstrates that she doesn’t care by Paralysing Lady Justice, killing the Effigy and hurting The Judge. Sidir uses Empty The Magazine but only ends up hurting and putting Slow on the Wendigo; still, that could be enough to save Lady Justice from being eaten. The Judge Focusses and kills the little blighter (scoring for Make Them Suffer in the process). The Austringer gently tickles the Cerberus and Snow Storm can’t manage more better on Lady Justice.


Turn 3: The Cerberus continues its advance toward my deployment zone. Francisco charges the Gamin on the left but an unfortunate Black Joker keeps it alive. Sidir opens fire on Rasputina and the other Gamin and The Judge finishes the latter for Make Them Suffer. Rasputina shoots The Judge down to a single wound; the Guardian Protects him but I can’t get the trigger to heal him. My robot also pokes at Snow Storm a little. The Blessed finishes off The Judge for Murder Protegé and finally the Austringer knocks the Gamin down to a single wound.


Turn 4: Francisco kills the Gamin to score me the rest of the points for Make Them Suffer. Rasputina Paralyses Lady Justice again, then the Austringer and Sidir gang up to kill off Snow Storm. The Guardian finishes Rasputina and the Blessed and Cerberus drop scheme markers for Breakthrough. Sadly, we run out of time at this point so it is a draw at 6 – 6 (1 for Reckoning, 2 for Bodyguard and 3 for Make Them Suffer for me; 3 for Murder Protegé and 3 for Breakthrough for James).


That was a really enjoyable game; James is such a gentleman to play Malifaux with I would love to play him more often. If only we’d had time for another turn I could finally have racked up a win against James; I’ve never managed to beat him yet. Anyway, the game itself was quite an interesting experience. Lady Justice didn’t really do a great deal as she was Paralysed for 2 of the turns that actually mattered but I suppose that she did provide a good distraction for my Henchmen. The Judge in particular felt really effective despite dying in the end; in the past I think that perhaps I haven’t really used the resources on him that he wants. Overall I liked the way that the crew played and I think with a bit of practice I got get to grips with the peculiarities of positioning it requires. I’ll try to get a few more games in with Lady Justice and see where they take me.

I didn’t actually make a note of where I finished, but I think it was around 8th of the 24 players which is a result I’m very happy with. We’ll certainly be back if there is more Middlefaux. Thanks to Stephen, Martin, Graham and James for 4 fun games of Malifaux, and also to Andrew for being a great tournament organiser.

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Painted Freikorpsmen

Here are the first of my Malifaux Outcasts, at least out of the ones I purchased with the idea of playing them as Outcasts; the Freikorpsmen. They are cheap minions in game who are pretty good at most things but arguably suffer a bit by not being really great at any one thing. I like them though as they often seem to have something going for them that is relevant, be that their resilience (armour and immune to blasts and some other stuff), speed (unimpeded, but not too slow either) or attack (the damage track is nothing special but they have a good Ml stat on the knife and having a gun can be handy once they have got to where they are going. A Freikorpsmann does have one entertaining synergy with Hannah, who can copy Reference The Field Guide to add a second tome to her melee attack and cause swathes of horror duels on bunched up enemies.

Although a realistic set of mercenaries would employ drab colours (or maybe camouflage, I don’t actually know when that became even slightly common in warfare), that would be boring to paint. Instead, I decided to liven up the grey Friekorps suits with a nice bright pink detailing and armour. I have a feeling I stole that scheme from someone else’s Freikorps crew but I can’t remember who. If it was you, feel free to let me know and I’ll give credit where it is due. I very much enjoyed painting these chaps. Maybe because there was only two of them rather than the usual trio of minions in Wyrd’s boxes, or maybe because of the nice style and varied yet somewhat plausible poses.





Next on the painting table: Steam Trunk

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Painted Mechanical Attendant

This is the Mechanical Attendant, the totem for Hoffman and part of my Guild Malifaux crew. I’ve played so little of Hoffman that I don’t really have much to say about this little chap on the tabletop, though it looks to have a few nice things going for it on paper.

In the fluff, I see Hoffman as a form-over function sort of man, so left his totem with minimal colouration. The one colourful element is the ‘eye’ for which I’ve used my usual dark red to match the rest of my Guild.



Next on the painting table: Freikorpsmen.

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Painted Guardian

Another construct for my Malifaux Guild crew, this time we have the Guardian. It brings a few useful things to table, not least a mightly 3″ melee range at a Ml value of 7. Even with the fairly weak damage track, that makes it quite helpful in Squatter’s Rights to lock down a couple of markers. The main trick that Guardian brings is the Protect ability to add the Defensive condition to anothr model for (0) action. This can be hilarious with Perdita’s natively high defense in particular.

The painting job here was simple as usual for my Guild constructs – metallic drybrushing for the most part with some red on the wiring sections to keep the tie in with the rest of the crew. I’ve also put in some bronze colouring on the more elaborate bits (mainly the shield) though I don’t really feel like the Guild would be the sort of folks to put that kind of bling on their robots.





Next on the painting table: Mechanical Attendant.

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