Painted Honey Badger

This is Honey Badger, another character for Marvel Crisis Protocol. She’s another that I was only vaguely aware of prior to her release for the game; I think that she’s either a clone of Wolverine, or even more confusingly a clone of another clone of Wolverine. As befits one of the Wolverines, she is tightly focused on fighting, and as a two threat character it’s expected that she’ll only really be good at one part of the game. So, although Honey Badger is indeed rather excellent at stabbing people (and due to her Too Dangerous To Ignore superpower, enabling others to stab them too) she has huge limitations on her scenario game. I quite like that she has special interactions with her sister / clone / something, X-23 (about whom more later), which allows each to move when the other is injured; I quite often consider taking them as a kind of five threat double team. At that kind of price they could probably fit nicely in a lot of rosters. So far I’ve tried them in X-Men, where they are OK but not great and Gareth has used them in X-Force where they repeatedly murder my teams.

As I didn’t really know anything about Honey Badger it was an easy choice to follow the card art for her colour scheme, and I think that she looks good. I’m certainly getting a lot of practice painting yellow with all these superheroes! I actually find that her face sculpting is a bit shallow and her claws are thin enough to be a bit bendy. But those are mild criticisms and I had a lot of fun painting her.

Next on the painting table: Gambit.

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5 thoughts on “Painted Honey Badger

  1. Looking good mate – is she a grown-up version of the kid in the Logan movie then? Or a clone of that kid?

    • Cheers Alex!

      I’m not really familiar with these more recent Weapon-X comics but I think that Honey Badger is a clone of X-23, who is the child in the Logan movie. The MCP mini for X-23 is a grown up though, I’ll show her later once I finish off painting her. It’s possible that the films and comics are divergent on the specifics anyway, of course.

  2. Ugh, Honey Badger. I remember reading the comic that this character debuts in. I am not a fan of this one. She is clearly trying to appeal to younger kids, especially girls and is kind of like a young, female version of Wolverine as I remember. She should be strong in the game because they certainly make her out to be that way in the comics! She looks great painted up and I’m sure she’ll have her uses in future games too 🙂

    • Not every character can be every reader’s favourite, but I’m all in favour of characters who broaden the appeal of the hobby to groups not previously well catered for (ie basically everyone except white men). I haven’t the read any of Honey Badger’s comics so you could well be right that they’re a bit of a mess

      In game terms, she is decent for her cost… but her cost is the cheapest in the game at two threat. So no need to worry that she’s crazy powerful.

      • Absolutely. Reading those comics made me feel old and out of touch which I hope is saying something since I’m 36 now and I’d guess I read it about three years ago! With that said, I completely agree that important thing is bringing new people into our hobby so no complaints here.

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