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Ogre Kingdoms vs Dwarves (750 points); 03Dec13

It’s taken me ages to get round to writing up this, the latest of our very slow escalation league games.  This one is against Jonny’s Dwarves though it looks now as though he’s decided that WFB isn’t for him.  Anyway, I report it in the interests of completeness and entertainment.  My army is as per this post, but for convenience, here it is again.

Miss Madras, Firebelly (FB)

Heidi’s lasses, 6 Ironguts, musician, standard bearer (IG)

Helena’s lasses, 6 Ogre Bulls Cows, ironfists, standard bearer (OC)

Helga’s lasses, 3 Leadbelchers (LB)

Blackcat Bone, Sabretusk (ST)

Jonny seems to have opted for all that is good in Dwarf life, i.e. artillery, short armoured chaps with massive beards and ways to stop people casting spells.

Runesmith, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking, shield (R)

15 Long Beards, rangers, throwing axes, great weapons, full command, Rune of Slowness (LB)

10 Warriors, shields, full command (W)

Cannon, Rune of Fortune, Rune of Burning (C1)

Cannon, Rune of Fortune (C2)

The scenario is Battle Line and we have a terrible river right across the middle, and Anvil of Vaul in the West and an Altar of Khaine in the East.  The Firebelly rolls up Flaming Sword of Rhuin (which I love) but with a heavy heart I swap it for Fireball anyway on the basis that small units even of heavily armoured things won’t like a magic missile.  Of course, I hadn’t really appreciated the scope of anti-magic on the other side of the table so it didn’t make much difference what I chose.  The Dwarfs win the roll off and choose to go first.


The Warriors move up to wait on their side of the river and the Long Beards just sharpen their many weapons.  Jonny has the first of many rounds of terrible fortune with his Cannons as they only kill a single Irongut between them.


The Sabretusk charges the Warriors in the hope of eating the Runesmith – I should note that I didn’t realise that he also wore Gromril armour as Jonny had only mentioned the shield he’d bought extra.  On the other hand, I would have done it anyway I suppose as it was clear that the Dwarves had no intention of making the first move so redirectors would be of limited value.  The Cows are forced to try and charge the Long Beards due to the Altar of Khaine but fail because of the Rune of Slowness.  I roll up 3,2 magic dice, which ends up with four dice for me and five for the Dwarves because of the kit the Runesmith is packing; needless to say the medium Fireball at the Warriors is not successful.  The Sabretusk does remarkably put a wound on the Runesmith before even more remarkably surviving and holding with Insane Courage.


The Long Beards charge the Cows, who hold.  More spectacularly ineffective Cannon fire sees me get off with no damage as one rolls a 1 to wound and the other overshoots entirely.  The Long Beards blend the Cows mercilessly but the Cows do at least get away.  Sadly this is all to scary for the Ironguts who panic and flee into the river.  Surprisingly the Sabretusk lives long enough to flee from the Warriors, but is overtaken by the sprinting Dwarves who roll 6,6 for pursuit.


My poor Cows continue to flee but at least the Ironguts pull themselves together.  The Firebelly moves to breathe fire on the Warriors while his Leadbelchers line up shots on the Long Beards.  There is some magic of no consequence, then the Firebelly uses her breath weapon on the Warriors, lining up the perfect shot for all 11 in the unit.  Apparently they’re all wet from the run through the river and only one burns to death.  A hail of shrapnel from the Leadbelchers kills a couple of Long Beards, who are starting to look a bit sorry for themselves now.


The Long Beards chase the Cows off the table and the Warrior wheel to set up a rear charge on the Leadbelchers.  The gunners of the Cannons continue to show why they’re the pride of the Old World as neither can lend a hit on the Firebelly; one uses up its Rune of Fortune to avoid blowing up.


The Ironguts charge the nearest cannon and the Firebelly finds herself in the unenviable position of having to redirect the Warriors while I concentrate on the Long Beards with the Leadbelchers.  This time the Rune of Spellbreaking is used to stop another Fireball.  A great round of shooting from the Leadbelchers drops 5 more Long Beards and the cannon crew predictably do not survive the Irongut charge.


The Warriors gleefully charge the Firebelly and the remnants of the Long Beards reform to move past the Leadbelchers, unwisely presenting their flank in the process (I’m not sure what Jonny was trying to do here).  The one surviving Cannon again fails to achieve anything despite having a perfect shot lined up on the Leadbelchers.  Finally, in the combat the toughness 5 of the Firebelly is too much for the Dwarves to get through and she holds after killing a couple of them.


Even though Leadbelchers are primarily a shooting unit, they are still Ogres and so I’m happy to charge them into the flank of the depleted Long Beards; the Ironguts charge over to end the miserable existence of the other cannon.  Only two Long Beards survive to flee off the table and the Cannon crew are killed by impact hits alone.  Sadly the Firebelly fails her break check and flees this time.


The Warriors charge and catch my beautiful fleeing Firebelly, and the Long Beards leave the table having spotted a pub in the distance which isn’t filled with horrible cannon-bearing Ogresses.


There’s not much point even moving the Ironguts at this late stage so the Leadbelchers make this a short turn by shooting a single Warrior.


The Warriors fail to swift reform so simply turn to face the Leadbelchers.  I probably didn’t really need to do these maps.


I pretty much have to charge the Leadbelchers into the Warriors as I won’t be able to kill enough of them to get victory points by shooting alone.  So, in they go.  There’s a bloody battle, but with almost the last roll of the game, one heroic Ogress tramples the last wound off the Runesmith (the first having been taken by the Sabretusk in turn 1) to give me a clear cut win.  A few surviving warriors hold but we’re out of time anyway.  Victory to the Ogre Kingdoms!


That was mainly notable for the silly dice.  The cannons that couldn’t hit, the Long Beards going ninja on the Cows, and best of all the courageous Sabretusk.  Lots of fun and laughs had while we pushed around the surprisingly mobile Dwarves.  I was quite glad to have come close to losing after two blowout victories in the previous two games at this points level.  Funnily enough the Dwarves have been doing poorly in the other games they’ve played with this force because they’re outnumbered so badly.  That wasn’t a problem against my equally tiny force and so they were able to really punish me in close combat.

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