Painted Luke Cage

This is Luke Cage for Marvel Crisis Protocol. In my experience, he is mainly played as rather an uncomplicated tank but he has some really cool attacks – a potential for Stagger on a five dice builder is nothing to sniff at consider Cage’s threat value. I think that the main thing keeping him from being a common sight locally is just the sheer number of other three threat characters competing for a spot in any roster; this is doubly true in Avengers (where he is affiliated) as I think that they could have a roster made up entirely of three threats if they so chose.

Painting Luke Cage was very simple as he’s made up almost entirely of just three colours. His yellow t-shirt is so iconic that it’s effectively part of his uniform and I really like the way that the colours work together for the whole miniature. It hardly took me any time at all to paint up Cage but I’m really pleased with how he’s turned out.

Next on the painting table: Lizard.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Luke Cage

  1. nicely done! Cage is another figure I would like to get around to at some point, just to round out defenders.

    • Thanks Eric. Cage is a very nice palette cleanser between more technical minis; he just supremely simple to paint.

  2. lovely stuff – simple, but very effective

  3. Good ol’ Cage, nice work! 🙂

  4. The man with unbreakable skin looks great! I think the debris on his base is better incorporated here than on some of the other MCP minis I’ve seen as well.

    • Cheers Kuribo!

      You’re rather an expert on these matters so I should ask you: why is Luke Cage not called Power Man any more? I’m sure that this was his name back in the 80s.

      • I actually don’t know the answer to that one. There was a Marvel comic series within the last ten years where they brought the name back and it was in the title, in fact, but I don’t know why he isn’t called Power Man. Perhaps they felt it was dated and Luke Cage seemed more modern? That’s just a guess though!

        • Oh well, at least it’s not only me who finds it mysterious. In MCP one Cage’s attacks is called Power Man Punch which is a nice little nod to it.

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