Marvel Crisis Protocol

Painted Vision

Here is Vision, another miniature from Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s actually the last of the current batch unless my daughter decides that she doesn’t want to paint Captain America after all, in which case he’ll be added back to the queue. In general I’ve quite enjoyed painting and a tiny amount of playing this game so I suspect that I’ll end up getting some more miniatures for Crisis Protocol; they have some lovely sculpts available.

Having said that I enjoy painting these miniatures, I am definitely making an exception for Vision. I just couldn’t get him to look right at all; all the colours look flat and there is no depth at all. It’s a shame since I really like the sculpt of him floating through the wall. In the end, he got as far as ‘good enough for tabletop’ and no further. I used the colours from the art on the game card for Vision but interestingly I was just reading a comic and he’s done all in white like a ghost.

Next on the painting table: Chiyo Hamasaki.

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Painted Winter Soldier

This is Winter Soldier for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Unlike all the others I’ve painted so far, Winter Soldier doesn’t come from the core boxed set but is in a separate expansion box. I picked him up because he is my son’s favourite superhero (Black Widow, who is in the starter box, is my daughter’s favourite. But she won’t show up here because my daughter painted her too) and I hoped to spark a bit of interest in the game which has been of limited success.

I had quite a bit of fun painting Winter Soldier; since he’s mostly a regular human and isn’t wearing a full helmet there are some nice details to paint. I’m not at all familiar with him from the comics but I think that the sculpt matches the MCU version quite nicely – possibly this means that the movies were just well-cast. Despite the dark clothing I like the overall brightness and cartooniness that comes from the metal arm. I painted the latter in an uncharacteristically bright style using a blue base rather than my usual black as I didn’t want Winter Soldier to come out too dark.

Next on the painting table: Bill Algren.

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Painted Iron Man

I am Iron Man! Here’s another super hero for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Prior to the MCU movies I never really considered Iron Man as a particularly significant super hero but now he appears to be everywhere. In game Iron Man is, perhaps quite predictably, a fairly resilient character with a focus on ranged attacks. I’ve tried him once sitting on an objective shooting people and it seemed to work fairly well. He can also fly which obviously gives good mobility and I imagine that the key to getting the best out of him will be to know when to sit and shoot, and when to move around.

I painted Iron Man based on the character card in the game which is more red and less yellow focussed that I’ve sometimes seen him in comics. In the end, I’m not sure how I feel about the results of this; I’m wondering if the final look is a bit too one-tone. Still, he’ll do for gaming purposes.

Next on the painting table: Durgen Madhammer.

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Painted Ultron

Here’s Ultron from Marvel Crisis Protocol. Ultron’s a bit different from the other characters because not only can he be used in the normal game play but also there is a special mission where Ultron fights alone against a full crew of Supers; there is even an AI checklist so that two real players can team up against him. We haven’t actually tried that though.

The miniature has a nice pose but is slightly boring to paint since Ultron is pretty much all one colour. In this case my son had done about half of the work before losing interest and handing him back so I just tidied up, added the red flashes and sorted out the base. Quick and easy.

Next on the painting table: Geishas.

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Painted Spider-Man

This is the ever-youthful and iconic Spider-Man for Marvel Crisis Protocol. In the core box he’s ‘just’ another hero but I know that there is a forthcoming ‘Web Warriors’ affiliation that he is presumably part of. This particular one is Peter Parker and I’m not sure if the leader of the Web Warriors will be him or Miles Morales. Or, for that matter, one of the numerous other linked heroes / anti-heroes from the comics; my preference would be Madame Web.

It felt good to paint Spider-Man; he (along with the X-Men) was my Saturday morning cartoon of choice way back in the dim and distant past and I feel like he’s come out of the various films since then quite well. The paint scheme itself was quite easily selected; despite the many alternate costumes Spider-Man has had, there is only one classic to use. As with the other Crisis Protocol miniatures, I’ve kept a bright, primary colour-heavy style to fit in with the comics and cartoons.

Next on the painting table: Grundback Blasters.

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Painted Baron Zemo

Here is Baron Zemo, one of the baddies from Marvel Crisis Protocol. I wasn’t really aware of Zemo until the MCU film in which he appears, and even with that I didn’t really link him to the comic book character presented in Crisis Protocol. I think that is partly because of the relative lack of popularity of Captain America (and hence his associated baddies) here during my youth, or maybe it was just a timing thing; I know that my uncles had a lot of those comics.

Being unfamiliar with the character I went with a direct copy of Zemo’s costume as presented on the stat card for the game. I have no idea why he wears a purple flannel and crown combo over his head but sometimes supervillains just like to set their own styles. It was quite nice to paint the contrast between the normal jacket, trousers and boots and then the purple stuff he wears over his skin. I read once that Marvel in particular tended to use red and blue for the goodies and green and purple for the baddies to make it easier to tell who was on which side, so perhaps that it part of the explanation.

Next on the painting table: Hinamatsu.

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Painted Crossbones

This is Crossbones, another miniature from Marvel Crisis Protocol. I have to admit that I had never heard of Crossbones before picking up this box so I had to look him up. I wondered if Crossbones is in the core box because he is obscure enough to not be expected to sell well, but then I remembered that the Venn diagram of comic book fans and wargamers probably overlaps at ‘completionists’ so perhaps I am being cynical. It turns out that he is not only in plenty of comics but also shows up in one of the current series of MCU films.

Crossbones was not very satisfying to paint since he’s basically only three colours – his skin, his mask, and everything else. I did try to pick out a few bits of interest on the black clothing / armour just to make him look a bit less monotone and it did work to an extent. In the end I just got him to ‘good enough’ and decided to move on to the next miniature; he’ll be fine to play with.

Next on the painting table: Underchief Mire.

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Painted Captain Marvel

This is Captain Marvel for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Hopefully she is less powerful in the game that she is in the MCU film of the same name, otherwise there won’t be much point in anyone else showing up. Actually I’m sure she’s fine in-game; she’s not even the most expensive character.

Just like Doctor Octopus, I’ve stuck pretty much to the colour scheme on the box. Probably this relates to some specific period in comic book history but I’m not enough of a comic fan to go that deep. I always approve of paint schemes that are predominantly bright primary colours though. The yellow, always the trickiest colour to get nice, came out quite well with the exception of the star on her chest which looks rather more like a blob than I would like.

Next on the painting table: Chaos Knight War Dog (again).

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Painted Doctor Octopus

This is Doctor Octopus from the Marvel Crisis Protocol skirmish game. So far at Chateau Argentbadger we have not managed to have a game of this so I have no idea how Doc Ock plays, but I am certainly looking forward to it.

I deliberately kept to the box art while painting Doctor Octopus so he is clad in the classic yellow and green spandex. Apparently the miniatures for Crisis Protocol are based predominantly on the comics (i.e. not the films) so I’m not making any attempt whatsoever to make him look realistic. I’m quite satisfied with the result considering that the whole miniature is basically three colours.

Next on the painting table: Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord.

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