Marvel Crisis Protocol

Painted Black Panther

This is Black Panther for Marvel Crisis Protocol, the third member of the Wakanda affiliation that I’ve painted after Okoye and Shuri. Not surprisingly he’s the leader of the Wakandans (though he does also have Avengers affiliation) so if I’m playing Wakanda then I’m certainly taking him. Not that ‘having’ to take Black Panther in my team is any kind of hardship since he’s a mobile control tank – hard to damage, gets around quickly (and can throw himself at people for even more mobility) and can push his targets around after punching them. I find Black Panther a very fun character to play and I’m keen to spend more time using the Wakandans on the tabletop, especially since I usually find I’m putting Okoye and Shuri into A-Force teams first.

Painting Black Panther was simplicity itself since he’s almost all one colour. I painted the suit black and then gave it a pretty heavy highlight in purple to bring out the contours before hitting it with the magic of Citadel’s Nuln Oil wash. The other bling on his suit was one of the few times I’ve deviated from the card art; all that jewellery type stuff is silvery-grey on the card but it wasn’t standing out enough for me so I’ve gone with a bright yellow to pop the colours a bit more. Another disadvantage of that black suit is that it’s hard to get a decent photo of the king.

Next on the painting table: Shokkjump Dragsta.

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Painted Wasp

This is Wasp (or, perhaps more accurately, these are both Wasp) for Marvel Crisis Protocol. I really enjoy the character in both comic and film forms, and in particular I would have preferred if the MCU film ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ was just called ‘The Wasp’ since for me the story was about her and Ghost. Luckily for me, Wasp in MCP does not disappoint and is just as dynamic as her comic appearances would have you expect. She can change size, has extra movement built in on some of her attack types, can throw scenery at people; in summary I really enjoy playing her. Like Ant-Man, she definitely doesn’t want to get stuck in a brawl. In a recent game she flew halfway across the board in a single activation, slapping Wolverine and Ghost Rider in the process and then ended up next to one of the Secure objectives. Sadly for the story, she then failed the dice roll needed to score said objective and was beaten senseless by Wolverine for her troubles… but the process was still fun.

Wasp, as with most of the other MCP miniatures I’ve painted, follows the card art colour scheme. Luckily for me, I think that the black and yellow look really works well. Wasp’s wings are provided in transparent plastic so I glued them on at the end of the painting process and hit them with a blue wash to run into the cracks. I’m really pleased with the end result and I actually think that this is a perfect outcome: a paintjob that I like on a character I love to play.

An interesting bit of trivia for comic fans. In MCP the characters have their ‘real’ names in addition to their ‘made-up’ names, and each team can only have one of each person with the same ‘real name’. For example, there is a Spider-Man (Peter Parker), a Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and an Amazing Spider-Man (Peter Parker) – in your roster you could include both Miles and Peter even though they’re both Spider-Man, but couldn’t include both versions of Peter. In this case, the interesting part is the Wasp is Janet Van Dyne (the ‘old’ Wasp from the original Avengers dating back to the 60s) while Ant-Man is Scott Lang (the ‘new’ Ant-Man taking the mantle from Hank Pym). I find it intriguing that they’ve mixed the old and new characters like that; I guess there is also the opportunity in the future to release miniatures for the other two and somehow have a team that consists of two Wasps and two Ant-Mans (Ant-Men?).

Next on the painting table: Boomdakka Snazzwagon.

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Painted Ant-Man

This is Ant-Man for Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s a really fun character to play as his superpowers revolve around changing size between his normal and small forms and using his great mobility to be in annoying places. We’ve find this dynamism highly amusing on the tabletop though he does need to make sure to use that mobility to stay out of the way of any really big hitters as he won’t last long if She-Hulk decides to swat him. Ant-Man is in the Avengers affiliation but he doesn’t get any mileage out of the Captain America (Steve Rogers) leadership so I’m currently theorising that he’ll make good use of Kingpin’s leadership in Criminal Syndicate. That’s one to test another day.

Painting Ant-Man was interesting as there are two miniatures; one to represent him at normal human size and another as a tiny form. For obvious practical reasons, the tiny form isn’t as tiny as Ant-Man regularly goes in the comics since that would just be a blank base. I tried my best to keep the suit patterns on the small version identical to the big one which was not so easy as it looks since the large one has clear delineations on the mini but the small one doesn’t. As with most of the MCP miniatures I deliberately followed the card art; it doesn’t photograph particularly well as all the colours are dark but I’m happy with the way the end result looks on the table top.

Next on the painting table: Wasp.

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Painted Shuri

Here is Shuri, another character for Marvel Crisis Protocol. She’s an interesting character in the game in that she’s almost purely support in a game where only each team might only have 4 or 5 per side, but I feel that her input is still very useful. Shuri brings two main things to the game. Firstly, she has a very long range attack from her Panther Gauntlets that does very little damage but pushes away anyone hit by it which is great for board control. Secondly Shuri can use her own power (which she can end up with a lot of, especially in A-Force) to grant friendly characters re-rolls in a pretty big area. So she is well suited to standing in a backfield role, helping the rest of her team and pushing the other team around into inconvenient spots.

As with the other Crisis Protocol miniatures I have chosen to go with the card art for Shuri’s colour scheme. I’m not a huge fan of the way it looks; mainly I think that I needed to put a bit more work into highlighting the blue to make it pop out more from the black. But I wanted her finished to go to a MCP gaming day out and while I theoretically could go back and do more on Shuri, the reality is that I probably never will. Shuri’s comic art seems to have some facial tattoos too, but I didn’t even attempt them; too much risk of making a mess of the work I’d already done. Like Okoye, I didn’t really know anything about Shuri until I watched Black Panther but she’s an interesting and engaging character so maybe I will pick up a run of comics if anyone can recommend a series that features her.

Next on the painting table: Steelhead Gunners.

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Painted Okoye

This is Okoye for Marvel Crisis Protocol. She’s in the Wakanda and A-Force affiliations at the moment which are two of my favourites but one of the many great things about MCP is that any character can got in any team. Since Okoye is one of the cheapest characters in the game at two threat, it’s really easy to find a space for her either in or out of affiliation. Okoye brings a nice Bodyguard utility to keep more expensive heroes alive longer, or perhaps more importantly to stop them from suffering any debilitating status conditions. However, she’s just a normal human in a game full of wizards, gods and super-soldiers so she’s not especially hard to deal with.

I enjoyed painting Okoye a lot. I’m not familiar with the Blank Panther comics at all so my main knowledge of the character comes from the MCU films. My poor photography doesn’t really show it but her face is a perfect match for the actor playing her in the films and I can’t tell if this is because the miniature is sculpted based on the actor or if the casting in the film is perfect. Either way, I kept Okoye in her canon colours of red and bronze and I’m really happy with the outcome.

As an aside, long term readers might recall that I expressed that I wasn’t really satisfied with the way that I’d painted some of the earlier MCP minis, notably Iron Man and Vision. Now that some time has passed, and more importantly that I’ve actually had a chance to play with them on the tabletop where they’re several feet away rather than being held up close to my face, I’ve come around on the results and am really happy with the way that they look in the game. I’m still privileged to play in an area where my minis are usually the least well painted (anyone less good than me just doesn’t bother to paint at all but rather plays with bare plastic) but the satisfaction that I get from putting down a painted army/crew/team is well worth the effort put into the painting.

Next on the painting table: Megatrakk Scrapjet.

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Painted Gamora

This is Gamora, the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy and also a hero in Marvel Crisis Protocol. Needless to say, Gamora is dedicated melee combatant in MCP; unlike her sister Nebula she can also actually do things to score points so she isn’t a completely one-trick pony. I haven’t managed to put her on the table yet so it remains to be seen whether she’s worth her fairly steep 4 point cost but I’m looking forward to trying her out. I like Gamora in the few comic book appearances I’ve read but I’ve felt that she gets a pretty raw deal in the MCU films where she’s pretty much relegated to being a sidekick in the Star-Lord show. Somewhere out there, someone must be planning a Gamora and Nebula mini-series.

Painting Gamora was somehow a very easy and pleasant task. The contrast between the black base armour and the white raised plates makes it really simple to get a good tabletop job going on here and her green hair and skin breaks up the monochrome look nicely.

Next on the painting table: Shokkjump Dragsta.

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Painted Nebula

Here is Nebula, another superhero (antihero, villain?) for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Perhaps not completely surprisingly, Nebula is highly focussed on stabbing people in the game. Indeed, she comes quite cheap as she has a rule preventing her from interacting with scenario elements. In some ways this is quite liberating as I never have to worry about whether she should stop stabbing and do more to score points; on the other hand, scoring points is how one goes about winning the game. Testing is definitely needed! I feel like I never really saw much of Nebula in the comics I read; she’s always been just a punching bag for other baddies (notably Thanos in one of the Infinity War runs) and doesn’t get to showcase her own powers. Presumably there is a sequence somewhere that really centres on her so please feel free to direct me to any good comics. I do really like her in the MCU films; for someone who pretty much only exists to fight people she gets a lot of good lines.

I greatly enjoyed painting Nebula. Those who read this blog regularly will know that I do love a dynamic sculpt and she certainly has that, literally attached to the ‘tactical crashed spaceship’ by only the side of her foot. Somehow in Nebula’s case painting a comic-style colour scheme felt easy and just ‘worked’, which is a bit of a contrast to some other heroes I’ve worked on, most notably Vision. I went with the card art rather than the (slightly) less crazy colours of the film version and I’m extremely pleased with the end result.

Next on the painting table: Primaris Librarian.

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Painted She-Hulk

Here is She-Hulk for Marvel Crisis Protocol. I wasn’t much of a fan until I stumbled across the A-Force run of comics and really enjoyed them, so I’ve picked up her incarnation in Crisis Protocol to get some of that energy on the table top (though I think that Captain Marvel is the only other member with a model at the moment). She-Hulk is pretty unusual in the game in that she only has a healthy card side – when she runs out of health then she’s done. Luckily she does have a lot of health to chew through.

The miniature was a lot of fun to paint; AMG are getting very good at sculpts that show the character off as a superhero, and what could be more fitting than this show of strength? Like most of the Crisis Protocol miniatures, I’ve gone with the card art for my colour scheme. I’m still not entirely satisfied with She-Hulk’s skin tone – I feel it could be a bit lighter but it is good enough for me.

Next on the painting table: Eliminators.

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Painted MODOK

This is MODOK, short for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing; a character for use in Marvel Crisis Protocol. I was only vaguely aware of MODOK from my comic-reading days and I feel like he’s a bit of an anachronism now since his backstory is basically ‘I became ugly, therefore I became a baddie’. Still, he’s quite amusing in Crisis Protocol and can unleash a lot of damage from a fair distance while being fairly resilient to counter-punches; in my experience he doesn’t like being controlled very much though. I probably wouldn’t have bought him for nostalgia or gaming reasons alone but I got a good deal and don’t regret it.

I absolutely loved painting MODOK. Although the sculpt is pretty simple – big head, small arms, ridiculous chair – it all comes together so cleanly that I just wanted to make the most of the big guy when he was on the painting table. MODOK’s face was a joy to paint, which I suppose is good since that’s pretty much half of the model.

I dedicate this paintjob to the wonderful Ann’s Summer Solstice Painting Challenge. As the aim is to be best you can be, I doubt that I’ll do better work than MODOK’s handsome grimacing face anytime soon.

Next on the painting table: Intercessors.

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Painted Vision

Here is Vision, another miniature from Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s actually the last of the current batch unless my daughter decides that she doesn’t want to paint Captain America after all, in which case he’ll be added back to the queue. In general I’ve quite enjoyed painting and a tiny amount of playing this game so I suspect that I’ll end up getting some more miniatures for Crisis Protocol; they have some lovely sculpts available.

Having said that I enjoy painting these miniatures, I am definitely making an exception for Vision. I just couldn’t get him to look right at all; all the colours look flat and there is no depth at all. It’s a shame since I really like the sculpt of him floating through the wall. In the end, he got as far as ‘good enough for tabletop’ and no further. I used the colours from the art on the game card for Vision but interestingly I was just reading a comic and he’s done all in white like a ghost.

Next on the painting table: Chiyo Hamasaki.

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