Hello from Edinburgh!  I play Malifaux, Infinity, Warmachine and a few other wargames, and this is my blog about my experiences in the hobby.

Put your feet up, make yourself comfortable, and ask questions or comment to your heart’s content.


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  1. Hi,

    So you know I’m following your blog for a moment now, and I was wondering how you handle your fantastic coloured map, and if you would be kind enough to share it with me. Your blog really enticed me to try to launch a similar campaign in my gaming club.



  2. Do you mean the maps I use for Battle Reports? If so, I make them using Battle Chronicler.

    If you’re thinking of the Border Princes maps, I think I got the blank one from a web archived page of the old American GW site. Aramoro does all the work with the pdf, but I think it involves adding a layer (of the appropriate colours) onto the map each time. I’ve lost the original map due to a computer move, but I can ask Aramoro if he still has it available if you like.

    I’m glad that you’re inspired to try a campaign. In my turn, I was originally inspired by Selone’s Campaign Thread of Woe and Zaszz’s blog, though the former finished a long time ago and the latter appears to have stopped being published (this is the nature of campaigns and blogs alike, of course). I hope you have fun, and perhaps I’ll be able to vicariously enjoy it if you post any reports or updates. There are two main things which might be an issue, depending on your gaming group. Firstly, knowing who you’re playing before making up a list can lead to some unfortunately one-sided battles, especially if players are unduly competitive or have armies with widely disparate power levels. Secondly, the nature of map-based campaigns is that each player will tend to fight most battles against only one or two other players (i.e. their neighbours) unless you make a conscious effort to make and break alliances from time to time. Nonetheless, I have had great fun with our campaign so far, so good luck to you however you decide to run yours.

    • Thank you for the reply. I was talking about the Border Princes map. I have indeed found a clean digital version of it. Do you have any idea what program does Aramoro to get the job done ?

      • If I told you I would have to kill you. So here goes, I use a program called GIMP (http://www.gimp.org) it’s freely available and will do everything you need. All I did was take the PDF and Adobe Acrobat will allow you to copy the page as an Image. Open GIMP and do a new->create image from clip board. Once you’re here add 2 more layers to the image, one will hold the Territories and one the Banners. I make the Territories layer 50% opacity, Banner layer on top of that. From there it’s a simple case of using the Lasso tool to pick out a territory and fill it with the block colour of the player. Then you just export the image as a PNG or something, then resize it to something sensible.

  3. Just a quick to note to both of you that I’ve recently launched our Border Princes campaign on the base of your experiences and advices. I will try to take some time to give you our impressions about it, if you’re interested.

    • I’m glad to hear that you’ve started your campaign, and I would be very interested to read about your experiences in whatever format you choose.

  4. “Hello! I play Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and this is my blog about it.”

    Its about Malifaux too now, right?

    As someone who got into Malifaux at roughly the same time as you, is (like yourself) currently expanding their Guild and for whom the game has finally “clicked” (it took me a while) I hope to see parallels in our progress.

    • Good point, I’ve updated it now.

      I am really enjoying Malifaux, there are so many intricacies to work out. My general intention is to write up some battle reports periodically if I can work out a good format for them. Any mapping programmes are limited for Malifaux because some characters (e.g. Colette Du Bois) can teleport around the map multiple time per turn. My only problem with Malifaux is that my arch-nemesis, Furycat, doesn’t play it.

  5. Hi, thanks for writing all of these great battle reports. Keep them coming! I wanted to mention that after reading perhaps one (or two) dozen of your reports I was inspired to start recording my own battles in a similar fashion. If you have the time, check it out at greenregent.wordpress.com. Cheers.

    • Thanks for the praise. We seem to have hit a slight hiatus with the current WFB campaign so time will tell when we get round to more games of that.

      I’m pleased that you’re inspired to blog about your own experiences with gaming. I have found that it is good for a few things. Firstly, vicarious enjoyment for others reading about it. Secondly, it makes your hobby money stretch a bit further as you get more time out of each game you play. Thirdly, it makes you a better player, or at least gives you the opportunity to become a better player. By that I mean that you can take notes of the game and read and think about them again in the cold light of day instead of (as I sometimes do) blaming luck or other factors.

  6. Long time follower! I love your blog!

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