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Painted Malifaux Child

This is the new plastic Malifaux Child I’ve painted for Malifaux (of course). I never owned the old metal version or used him at all by proxy before buying, but a cursory look over his card made me pick the little chap up for trying out with Sonnia. There are probably plenty of cool tricks that you can do, but for now I have found that 3SS is a nice price to pay for a second Flame Wall on the terrain-heavy boards we favour in our gaming group. I’m looking forward to testing how well this works in the slightly sparser boards I see at UK tournaments. The funny thing is I would never have considered the Malifaux Child for any of my Ten Thunders masters as thay all have excellent totems in their own right; I cannot think of any possible scenario where I’d swap Lynch’s Hungering Darkness for the Malifaux Child for example. Now that I’m back to playing Guild (more about that later), I have opened up my opinion. In Malifaux 1.5 the Malifaux Child was a byword for unusably bad (though I never tried him much) so it has been quite nice to enjoy the fruits of the highly-successful rebalancing in Malifaux 2E.

The painting was quite simple. I’ve picked a deep red for the ‘theme colour’ of my new plastic Guild so that went on the trousers, and everything else was just painted in the way that made most sense to me. So white shirt, brown shoes, metal knives (not that I’ve ever used them in the game) and light brown / blonde hair. The eyes are left withour pupils, partly because it makes him look a little creepy (as befits a child who can create pillars of flame) but mainly because the sculpted eyes are enormous and I couldn’t think of a way to paint them that wouldn’t make the eyes look crazy. 001 002 004 003 Next on the painting table: Papa Loco.

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Painted wargaming terrain part three

This is the final bit of free terrain I have sitting around from event packs at the moment; the other two so far are posted here and here.  I believe it is from Oshiro Model Terrain’s Japanese range.  I have no idea what Japanese houses of this period (whenever that is) should look like, and anyway I’m not really playing any games that would benefit from such authenticity, so I just painted it up as I saw fit.  The drab colours are purposeful to some extent; I want the terrain to be the background to the miniatures and not the other way around.  Actually once I’d applied the paint it occurred to me that this looked more like a Tudor house such as are still around in parts of the UK; that is also a coincidence.



Here is Feora, Priestess of the Flame modelling the little bits of scatter terrain I’ve painted (Thanks to Hosercanadian for the idea to do this).


Next on the painting table: the Malifaux Child.

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