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Painted Daughters of the Flame

This is the beginnings of my probably-rather-truncated Protectorate of Menoth army for WarmaHordes.  I got this unit of Daughters of the Flame for my birthday, so it’s only taken me a paltry half-year or so to get paint on them.  Taking into account my total lack of skill at the game I found the Daughters rather effective.  They advance deploy and have high defence so I would generally just jam them in as deep as possible.  Inevitably they would get wiped out but usually I felt that it was worth it for either the amount of effort required to do so or for the board control that I was afforded as a result.  In the rare cases where a couple survived I was able to charge them off somewhere else irritating for my opponent as they have the acrobatics ability and are therefore hard to pin down.

I chose to keep close to the studio paint scheme for the colours with cream and red as all the other variations I considered just somehow didn’t seem to work out right for me.  I guess it’s not all about innovation anyway.  The armour was edge highlighted (rather than drybrushing which is my usual technique) to try and bring out the colour more, and overall I am happy with the results.  As with all my miniatures they’re best viewed from tabletop distance, and without too much scrutiny.


I was originally drawn to the miniatures by the fantastic motion in them. You can really visualise the movement of each piece. Actually I think it’s a bit of a shame that the unit leader (both hands above head, right hand side in this set) is the least dynamic pose. I guess she has to take time to tell the others what to do.


I was a touch disappointed that two of the sculpts are duplicated; I guess I’ve been spoiled by GW where everything is ‘posable’ off the sprue and Malifaux where you rarely want more than two of anything anyway.


Finally, my assistant Argentbadger Jr MK1 wanted to add creative flair to the photos.


Next on the painting table: Mr Tannen.

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