Painted Deadpool

This is Deadpool, another superhero for Crisis Protocol. Deadpool is part of the X-Force and Avengers affiliations, and my friend Gareth has been playing him very effectively in the latter. His main draw, apart from amusingly named abilities like ‘bang’ for his handguns, is that Deadpool counts as healthy even on his injured side. This ability, combined with his healing abilities, makes me theorise that he could be very effective in a Criminal Syndicate team focussed around sitting on Secure points and racking up VPs while plugging away at attrition; however I haven’t tried this out yet. Most of Deadpool’s other kit is probably more cute than actually great, but he has some fun little quirks like not being moved by Mystic attacks due to his general craziness. In this regard, I guess he fits the general pattern within MCP of playing the way you would expect from the comics.

Deadpool was quite simple to paint; being largely comprised of black and red (actually I hadn’t realised until I picked him up how similar his costume is to Ant Man’s!) but was somehow highly satisfying to paint despite or perhaps because of this simplicity. Long-time readers of this blog will note the surprising lack of a tactical thingy for Deadpool to stand on; this is because he comes with a comedy rocket, complete with ‘Adam West Batman style’ Fwoosh wording and I just couldn’t get it to look good. In the end, I think that Deadpool looks quite nice enough just prancing happily on the pavement.

Next on the painting table: Bob, Agent of Hydra.

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Painted Beast

Here is Beast, my first X-Men miniature for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Of course Beast is also affiliated as an Avenger and an Inhuman, not to mention that team building in MCP is very permissive, but I like the X-Men and so it’s very cool that they’re in the game. He’s really fun and dynamic within the game; Beast’s attacks both have options for movement as part of them and he has a really cheap throw available. In fact, he continues the tendency of heroes in MCP playing like I feel that they should based on their comic book appearances.

I had a grand time painting Beast. He’s a classic X-Man from the cartoons of my childhood and the sculpt really reflects his character. In fact, there was also an alternate head with glasses and hand holding a book for him to read just like in the intro to the 90s cartoon, but I decided not to go that way. I did deviate slightly from Beast’s usual appearance by giving him black hair as when I initially painted it blue like the rest of his fur it just didn’t look right.

Next on the painting table: Deadpool.

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Painted Reivers

This is a squad of Reivers, a Primaris unit for the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) within Warhammer 40,000. Rules-wise, Reivers a bit of an oddity. They can deep-strike and have various rules around affecting morale of enemies nearby; however they’re not particularly good at fighting and morale has been hilariously ineffective in every game I’ve played of 40K. I suspect that there is some value in a big game to taking the smallest and cheapest squad of these ladies, parachuting them in late game and scoring a few VP doing actions in a quiet corner. Reivers can also be added to Spectrus Kill Teams in Death Watch, but doing so makes the rest of the team lose most of their cool special rules so I’m not really sure why I would want to do so.

The Reivers were painted in the same white, green and black scheme as their sister Space Marines. I actually assembled this unit first when I was testing out the alternative heads, though I somehow failed to make any further progress with the painting for almost a year! The heads are a fractionally bigger scale than the ones I’ve ended up using for the rest of the Space Marines, which I think makes it look more like they are big warriors in normal sized armour instead of being normal sized warriors in big armour. I find with these squads of Space Marines that I get about halfway through the painting and find it a bit of a grind, then somehow turn a corner (usually when I apply the main Nuln Oil wash!) after which it becomes a joy once more.

Next on the painting table: Beast.

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Painted Doctor Strange

Here is Doctor Strange, another character for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Doctor Strange is the leader of the Defenders affiliation, and, as you can probably imagine from someone who is literally a wizard in a world filled with people who don’t believe in magic, is very much a king of jank. Foremost among his amusing plays is the ability to use a Tactics card to create a portal from your deployment zone out to the middle of the board. This opens up all sorts of entertaining scenario plays, but those who know me know that I tend toward a very aggressive and attritional playstyle and therefore the funniest use of this Portal is to send Hulk through it to beat people up more effectively. I also love the cinematic element of Hulk falling through a magical portal onto some hapless fool. Doctor Strange also brings a fairly rare healing option, can protect himself and others with a superpower and attacks using the usually-desirable Mystic attack typing. He’s a lot of fun to play.

I painted Doctor Strange in accordance with the box art, and therefore the comic art as usual. I did make a few unusual choices around painting his face though. Firstly, Doctor Strange is usually depicted with grey temples but after a few rounds with the paint brush I couldn’t get this to look right so I just went with boring old black hair. The mini is sculpted with a moustache and goatee and painting them made it look weird not to have coloured eyebrows. The painted eyebrows in turn made it look odd without painted eyes, so I reluctantly dove back into those. I’m not entirely happy with the way that his face has come out but at tabletop distance it’s fine. Doctor Strange is also one of the minis that has most changed my mind from assembly to painting. When I assembled the mini I was a bit dismayed by the static pose, but as I painted him I really started to enjoy that supercilious floating hand gesture thing that he has going on. By the time I finished him I really enjoyed the effort of painting him.

Next on the painting table: Reivers.

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Painted Mystique

This is Mystique, the shape-shifting mutant from Marvel Crisis Protocol, although for all I know all other small-based MCP minis I’ve painted have also been her. Mystique’s main draw in the game is that reactive superpowers and cards can’t be used during her activation. So no Bodyguard from Okoye, no Age of Ultron from Ultron (obviously), no Vibranium Shield from Captain America. This makes her a pretty good assassin as most of the tricks to keep characters alive on a couple of wounds remaining are either reactive superpowers or cards. Mystique also has a character-specific Tactics card that forces an enemy character to approach her; this has numerous applications, notably moving someone into range to be beaten up by the rest of my team or getting them off a scoring point.

With her blue skin, Mystique was rather a different painting prospect than most of the heroes in MCP. I tried to keep the skin tone light as per the comics and card art though I note that in the various film appearances she tends to have much darker blue skin. I particularly enjoy the way that the blue skin, red hair and white clothes contrast with each other. It’s not very easy to tell in a photo but Mystique’s tactical junk on her base is a damaged sign for the Xavier school, which I think it quite a nice touch.

Mystique is a great example of why I love the X-Men so much. In many other series, she would just be a straight-up villain or at least antagonist. But the way that the X-Men is generally written, characters have often the same agenda (i.e. to improve the lot of Mutants, either specifically or in general) and their personalities define how they go about it. This allows the goodie and baddie teams to endlessly swap members as the short-term tactics and long-terms goals of the cast evolve.

Next on the painting table: Dr Strange.

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Painted Wong

This is Wong, another hero for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Wong is a cheap hero mainly likely to show up with Doctor Strange; however I think that team building in MCP is tight enough that it’s a really hard ask to squeeze in a hero who only contributes a bit of support. On the one hand, Wong is the joint cheapest hero in the game at two Threat, but on the other hand he’s really easy to kill and contributes nothing offensively or for control. So his main use case would be to stand on a home objective if it was hidden behind a massive piece of scenery (perhaps not too likely in actual play) and hope to do a little healing where power allows. Being two Threat and in-affiliation for Defenders does also give him a bit of extra value to make particular threat levels which I guess is worth something. Time will tell if I’m missing something cool that he can do.

For all that I’ve criticised Wong’s role on the tabletop, I did really enjoy painting him. I stuck with the card art for his colour scheme which is why he’s wearing a bright green suit; it would look a bit odd walking to Tesco but it fits right in with the other crazy attire that the superheroes are wearing. I’m not sure why Wong is standing on a (magical?) fire; a tactical fire certainly makes a change from the usual tactical rocks.

Wong is one of the characters who I like a lot more when portrayed in the MCU compared to the comics. In the latter, he never really seems to do much apart from hang around in the library and occasionally bring Doctor Strange’s lunch. Meanwhile on film Benedict Wong makes Wong a very sympathetic character with a wry sense of humour and a competent sorcerer in his own right; he treats Doctor Strange much the way one would treated a much-loved but mischievous child.

Next on the painting table: Mystique.

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Painted Malignant Plaguecaster

Here is a Malignant Plaguecaster, another Death Guard mini from Warhammer 40,000. Unlike the Lord of Contagion who, I suppose, is this guy’s boss, the Plaguecaster is a psyker (i.e. a space wizard) who specialises in making his own side harder to kill while doling out occasional wounds to his enemies.

Also unlike the Lord of Contagion, I actively disliked painting the Plaguecaster. The mini is really busy but somehow not in a way that comes together nicely; rather it just feel like a lot of needless bling cluttering up the sculpt. In addition, the pose just looks really unnatural, although I will admit that I don’t really know what a 10,000-year-old space wizard would look like when he’s walking around. Finally, and this one is definitely on me, I tried to use the same paint scheme as the Lord of Contagion and while this mostly worked, it had one unfortunate side effect. Trying to keep the ‘magical green fire’ look on the Plaguecaster makes it look like he’s a balloon artist trying to inflate a giant piece of broccoli. Still, I’m glad that he’s done and I did learn a few things about colour choices which will hopefully help me in the future.

Next on the painting table: Wong.

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Painted Void Archon

Here is a second Void Archon for my Mercenaries (in Warmachine) and Minions (in Hordes). Gaming-wise there isn’t much more to say than I mentioned for the other Void Archon, except perhaps to reiterate that their rules were so needlessly powerful that it felt like a waste not to take two in any list that could fit them. Hence, here is a second one!

I made the decision to keep both Void Archons with a similar visual style so I’ve used the same colours but swapped over on the torso sections so that silver and bronze are reversed between the pair of them. This was a very easy paint job to complete but I’m very happy with the results.

Here are the two Void Archons together; I think that they make a nice looking pair.

Next on the painting table: Malignant Plaguecaster.

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Marvel Crisis Protocol tournament report: Not Quite Halloween Heist 16Oct2021

It’s been a long time since I was at any kind of wargaming tournament, but this weekend Gareth and I had the opportunity to join in a Marvel Crisis Protocol event put on by my good friend Allan at Common Ground Games in Stirling. The scene for this game, which is currently my favourite, is still growing locally but we got 10 players joining in which is more than enough for a fun time.

My roster is a combined Black Order and Web Warriors option. The idea is that I can switch between primarily control options with the Web Warriors or straight-up brawling with the Black Order as dictated by the crises chosen. I have competent (if not actually good) options at all threat levels from 14 to 20 but my preference is going to be either to force Gamma Waves at 15 and just beat people up with Thanos et al, or go wider at 18 threat under the leadership of Miles Morales Spider-Man (just Spider-Man from here on in for my teams as Peter Parker doesn’t feature at the moment).

– Black Cat: 3
– Corvus Glaive: 4
– Ghost-Spider: 3
– Infinity Gem: Mind: 1
– Infinity Gem: Reality: 1
– Nebula: 2
– Proxima Midnight: 3
– Spider-Man (Miles Morales): 3
– Thanos, the Mad Titan: 6
– Venom: 4

[Team Tactics]
– Advanced R&D
– All Webbed Up
– Brace for Impact
– Execute
– Field Dressing
– Lethal Protector
– Mothership
– Uneasy Allies

[Extract Crises]
– Fear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize Cities [D]: 18
– Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership [C]: 17
– The Montesi Formula Found [E]: 17

[Secure Crises]
– Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest [E]: 15
– Mutant Madman Turns City Center Into Lethal Amusement Park [B]: 18
– Portals Overrun City with Spider-People [D]: 18

Game 1 – Callum playing Avengers

I’m drawn against an old friend I know from playing Malifaux, Callum. Callum is new to Crisis Protocol but is always a good player of wargames and I will have to be on my toes if I’m going to beat him here. Callum wins Priority and opts to choose Secures.

Extraction: Infinity Formula Goes Missing!
Secure: The Montesi Formula Found
Threat: 17
My team: Thanos (Mind Gem), Corvus Glaive (Reality Gem) Proxima Midnight, Nebula
My cards: Advanced R&D, Brace For Impact, Execute, Field Dressing, Mothership
Callum’s team: Captain America (Sam Wilson), Black Widow, Valkyrie, Warmachine, Baron Zemo, Winter Soldier
Callum’s cards: Avengers Assemble, Field Dressing, Mission Objective, Odin’s Blessing, Patch Up

I just wanted to play a straightforward brawl here; I don’t think that my chosen team is especially good at this combination. My idea was to send Thanos up the middle to collect a book and then split either left or right depending on how well Corvus and Proxima were doing on the left, while Nebula did annoying Nebula things on the right. Callum’s team is pretty well set here to collect some books and play keep-away with their greater numbers while just picking up points from the Secures that I couldn’t stand on.

Round 1: Captain America moves to take the central book and Nebula takes a random pot shot at him; this turns out to roll like crazy and drop four points of damage onto the poor hero. Black Widow picks up a second book and the uses Avengers Assemble to try to get Captain America back to safety. I scent blood here so after Thanos picks up a book he rolls into the centre and Mind Gems Sam back into the middle. Annoyingly Proxima fails to put the last damage point on him with a thrown spear but it works out fair as Valkyrie has similar luck with a speculative move and charge into Thanos. Everyone else just saunters onto scoring positions. The score is 5 – 2 to Callum.

Round 2: Proxima dazes Sam who uses Mission Objective to hand his book to Valkyrie. A clever play, but Proxima and Corvus daze her too and Corvus one-shots Warmachine for good measure with a little help from Thanos in the form of Death’s Decree. In a bit of a misplay from me, I make the book drop into a place where the lamp post stops Corvus from picking it up and scoring the Secure on Callum’s side so it’ll just sit there for a turn; still, I guess I can’t complain about the way the dice fell there. Over on the other side, Zemo leaves Nebula on a single hit point but then she doesn’t deal with him in one go (I guess we can’t all be Corvus Glaive!) and Zemo finishes the job with a Counter Strike. Thanos Portals Proxima onto my left Extraction point since she was a bit shy of scoring it after she was done with Sam and Valkyrie though this does require the use of my Advanced R&D card. He then walks to my right Extraction point and Mind Gems Zemo out of the way. The score moves 7 – 6 in Callum’s favour.

Round 3: Proxima hurts both Warmachine and Valkyrie, then Corvus KOs both Captain America and Warmachine; only Odin’s Blessing saves Valkyrie from the same fate. Valkyrie throws everything she has at Corvus but in the end he stands on one hit point. Winter Soldier takes one look at Thanos and high-tails it across the board to stand on the back left Infinity Formula; Thanos dazes Black Widow and Nebula dazes Zemo. The score is now 12 – 8 to me, though the swathe I’m cutting through Callum’s team means that he now has Priority.

Round 4: Valkyrie doesn’t make a mess this time, dazing Corvus and throwing Proxima off her point. Proxima gets back in place with a spear throw that KOs Valkyrie and uses Field Dressing to get Corvus running again; not surprisingly considering how my dice have been this game, he easily dazes Winter Soldier. Zemo applies a lot of damage to Thanos who embarrassingly fails to finish off Black Widow before dazing from Bleed damage. Black Widow puts Stagger on Nebula but the latter only needs one action to KO Nat. The game finishes 17 – 8 to me.

That was a very fun game, but I was helped both by Callum’s inexperience and my hot dice whenever Corvus was rolling. I’m not sure that Montesi Formula is particularly good here for me and I’m thinking about swapping it out; I think that Black Order probably want Secures in the middle to force victims to brawl with them, rather than Extractions where the other team can pick up the goodies and run away. Demons Downtown is pretty appealing in terms of objective placement but I’m not sure I want my elite crew to be easier to drop with all the Incinerate there; maybe having Incinerate on the other team is overall a benefit if my game plan is primarily to stay in the game on objectives and win by KOing stuff and scoring for doing it with Thanos’s leadership.

Game 2 – Adam playing Web Warriors

This time I’m drawn with Adam, a nice chap I’ve played against in a recent Crisis Protocol open play day. I consider him to be a strong player who know how to focus on winning the game rather than being distracted by brawling so I need to make sure that I have a plan to keep on top of the scoring. Adam wins Priority and decides to choose Extraction.

Secure: Portals Overrun City With Spider-People
Extraction: Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan
Threat: 18
My team: Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive (Reality Gem) Proxima Midnight
My cards: Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Brace For Impact, Execute, Lethal Protector
Adam’s team: Spider-Man (Miles Morales; leader), Ghost-Spider, Black Cat, Amazing Spider-Man, Medusa
Adam’s cards: Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Brace For Impact, Medpack, Spider-Tracker

I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that Adam selected 18 threat here (17 was also available) as we’d played a match-up previously with similar rosters and he noted that 18 threat was a bit awkward for him; presumably he’d tweaked things in the interim to cover that weakness. I need to go wide here as I can’t just allow the Spider-Infected to be left lying around and each hero can only carry one at a time, so that indicates Web-Warriors. I like this particular team at 18 threat and have played it several times so it has the advantage of being comfortable and familiar. The particular layout will allow me to gain priority by moving with Corvus to collect a Spider-Infected, flip a Portal (which he’s amazing at, thanks to the Reality Gem) and still be in range to chain activate Proxima. I will also note that we’re playing a Web Warriors mirror match using a Spider-related Secure and Extraction; how thematic could we get?

Round 1: To no-one’s surprise, Amazing Spider-Man races out to pick-up the center Spider-Infected and then moves back to safety. Black Cat uses Advanced R&D to give him her power so that he can also flip the nearby Portal. I use Corvus on the left to collect the nearby Spider-Infected and flip the left Portal before using the Husband and Wife combo to activate Proxima who flips the central Portal. Adam hesitates over on the right and this allows me to send in Ghost-Spider to stand next to the Portal there having picked up a Spider-Infected on the way. My Spider-Man eventually flips the Portal over there, getting placed forward by it, and I back him up with Venom; meanwhile Adam’s team seem a bit unsure and don’t commit at all on that side. The score is 5 – 4 to me, then both Corvus and Amazing Spider-Man get moved away from the action by their Spider-Infected while Adam’s Ghost-Spider is moved towards my team.

Round 2: Venom helpfully dazes Medusa, so that is one thing out of my hair. Adam’s Spider-Miles takes my home Portal so my Ghost-Spider takes his. Black Cat attacks Ghost-Spider rather too effectively for my liking which gains her the power to steal her Spider-Infected before running to the right Portal and failing to flip it thanks to Venom’s hulking presence. Adam’s Ghost-Spider and Proxima take our respective home Portals back over and the latter also pokes Spider-Miles a bit; Adam then cleverly uses the Spider-Tracker card to move Miles to safety when Corvus comes after him scenting blood. Amazing Spider-Man decides that scoring points is more useful that punching a few of my heroes and heads out on his own to the left and flips my Portal over. The score evens up nicely at 9 – 9; Corvus gets pushed around again by his Spider-Infected.

Round 3: Venom continues his good run by KOing Medusa even after she uses Brace For Impact to avoid an ambulance being thown at her; it doesn’t help me with points but it’s a huge relief not to have her messing up all my plans by pushing my heroes out of position. Adam’s Ghost-Spider dazes mine and uses Medpack on Black Cat and pushes my Spider Man back. He gets revenge by dazing Black Cat anyway, picking up her Spider-Infected, then hitting Ghost-Spider with Venom Blast to make her drop her own Spider-Infected. It doesn’t lie there for long as Adam’s Spider-Miles rushes over to pick it up before Corvus comes over and dazes him to drop it again. Amazing Spider Man puts some damage onto Proxima but doesn’t have enough power to web swing to my Portal and also flip it. Proxima walks to the Spider-Infected that’s just lying on the ground, uses her spear throw to daze Ghost-Spider and place near the newly uncontested Portal on Adam’s side of the board and flips it to me. The game ends at 16 – 10 to me.

Wow, what a great game. The sheer mobility of both teams just meant that none of the Secures were ever safe from a cheeky switch and any Spider-Infected on the ground would be snapped up in the next activation. I had to be very careful with Venom and Medusa as they both counter each other very effectively; here I was able to use Corvus and Proxima to guarantee turn 2 priority to make sure that Venom got the drop on Medusa and I was lucky enough that I got to put her down both times.

Game 3 – Grant playing Avengers

For my final game I’m drawn against Grant, a new face to me. I really like the way that these tournaments match me up with new and old friends and I hope to get many more games with Grant. He’s also on two wins here so clearly no pushover. This time I win priority and choose secures; I was hoping to force a 15 threat Gamma Portals but it gets discarded.

Secure: Mutant Madman Turns City Centre Into Lethal Amusement Park
Extraction: Struggle For The Cube Continues
Threat: 18
My team: Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive (Reality Gem) Proxima Midnight
My cards: Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Brace For Impact, Execute, Lethal Protector
Grant’s team: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Deadpool, Baron Zemo, Hawkeye, Amazing Spider-Man
Grant’s cards: Avengers Assemble, Brace For Impact, Disarm, Escort To Safety, Eyes On The Prize

I picked 18 threat here pretty much purely to play this team again as I felt happy that it could do what I needed here; pick up a bunch of Cubes and then run around with the fast elements and pick off unattended Secures. I made a mistake during set-up by putting down Venom early which let Grant counter-deploy Hawkeye.

Round 1: Proxima takes the centre Cube, then Deadpool and Corvus take the ones nearest them; the latter also switches the right trap to me. I don’t need to chain activate this pair this time as I will already have Priority going into round 2. Zemo fails to roll any successes on his right trap so I zoom Ghost-Spider over there and take it myself. Spider-Man also fails to take my left Secure and so strolls forward, sadly I misplay here and put him too far forward so Hawkeye shoots him; no damage but does cause Shock which (spoiler alert!) will be annoyingly relevant for much of the game. Venom and Captain America take the Cubes on the left and finally Amazing Spider-Man punches Ghost-Spider a bit and fails to switch the trap over to me. The score is 5 – 3 in my favour and Amazing Spider-Man takes a bit of damage from the nearby trap.

Round 2: Ghost-Spider plays All Webbed Up to slow Amazing Spider-Man, Deadpool and Zemo, but it’s at this point that my dice just start to say ‘no’ as two attacks into Deadpool get me a single point of damage. Captain America and Hawkeye get Venom down to a single wound left; return attacks from him and Spider-Man achieve nothing except throwing Captain America backwards into the shipping container with Klyntar Rage. Corvus and Proxima both go into Zemo but can’t drop him; Zemo’s return attacks daze Corvus and he picks up the Cube while Deadpool dazes Ghost-Spider. Amazing Spider-Man plays Eyes On The Prize to take the Secure back, then dazes Proxima and takes the Secure on my side of the board too. The score moves to 10 – 7 in Grant’s favour.

Round 3: In the power phase, the Cube dazes Venom which is awkward timing. Well, at least I have Priority and Corvus and Proxima are all revved up. It doesn’t help much; Proxima does daze Deadpool (taking his cube) and flip the back right trap but Corvus just can’t take the needed two wounds off Amazing Spider-Man. Zemo KOs Ghost-Spider, but at least Amazing Spider-Man fails to repeat the performance of last turn and largely bounces off Corvus while failing to take back that trap. Over on the right, I try a desperation play to deal with Captain America and Hawkeye; Spider-Man Web Swings over and fails to damage on one attack, then gets the wild throw on the second which of course Grant sensibly uses Brace For Impact to ignore. In fairness, Captain America was able to use his Vibranium Shield and Bodyguard to great effect here so I would have to have been very lucky to do anything substantial to either of them with Spider-Man. He does at least pick up Venom’s dropped Cube before Captain America Shield Bashes him away and Hawkeye takes some shots to little effect. The turn ends 15 – 10 to Grant and Zemo suffers a damage from the trap in that corner.

Round 4: Well, I’m up against it now as I either need to stop Grant scoring at all or somehow ourscore him by six points, both of which seem a bit improbable. Helpfully both Captain America and Baron Zemo suffer the same fate as Venom did last time, taking their last point of damage and dazing in the power phase. Corvus and Proxima do team up to finally put down Amazing Spider-Man; the latter uses Spear Throw very effectively to cover the ground needed to swap the near right trap back to me and the former ends up holding both Cubes on that side of the board. On the left, Hawkeye picks up the cube that Captain America dropped and runs for the corner, even using Avengers Assemble to get further away from Spider-Man. Venom takes the back left trap for me and then Deadpool gets stuck into Corvus Glaive. After using a huge amount of the power he’d accumulated, Deadpool couldn’t quite put down Corvus who stands on a single wound but proudly still clutching both Cube fragments and also causing Deadpool to fail to switch back that trap. Finally, Miles Web Swings and walks toward Hawkeye who has just a single remaining wound but can’t drop him. This is super tight but when we add up the points I get the win 18 – 17.

That was as close and as fun a game as I’m ever going to get. I genuinely thought that I was out of it after Corvus and Proxima’s continued failure on the right during rounds 2 and 3 combined with the ease with which Zemo, Deadpool and Amazing Spider-Man were able to deal with me on that side. In the end I was able to make more of the board positioning due to my high mobility; on Grant’s side only Amazing Spider-Man and Baron Zemo were likely to push through to the Secures on my side and they were both on the same flank. This meant that Venom and Spider-Man could leave the near left Secure and ensure that their fight with Hawkeye and Captain America was always threatening the trap on Grant’s side of the board rather than mine. Grant was a very fun opponent and I look forward to getting more games in with him.

When the final scores were counted up, I was the overall winner with three wins. I had a great time and I’m already looking forward to the next event. Many thanks to Callum, Adam and Grant for three very fun games of Crisis Protocol, and of course especially thanks to Allan for running the whole thing. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with (some variation on) this roster for the next one; there are so many heroes that I’m keen to put on the tabletop it might be interesting to switch around for a while. In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve learned:

  • Montesi Formula isn’t particularly useful for Black Order so I either need to make a plan to do that one with Web Warriors or swap it out.
  • I’ve been consistently terrible at remembering to use my Tactics Cards; I must make a concerted effort to use them in my games as it feels like a wasted resource at this point. I think I always ended up with at least two cards left over. I’m also not finding that I want to use Uneasy Allies so I might try to find something else to put in for that.
  • Web Warriors have a lot of pulls and pushes that I’m using as a second thought after attacking people with them. Perhaps I should aim to make that part of their game play be ‘plan A’ to starve the other team of power.
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Painted Black Order

Since I’ve now painted all the miniatures released for the Black Order in Marcel Crisis Protocol (Black Dwarf, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight and Thanos), I decided that it would be nice to have family photo. This shows off one of the things that I like about the miniatures for this game – they all look unique in size, pose, and colour scheme. In theory AMG might release Supergiant and/or Black Swan in which case I may expand this team but for now this is as complete a project as one will get in this wonderful hobby. I really enjoyed working on these on the painting table, and now I’m enjoying putting them on the tabletop.

I’m also not going to be doing group photos for many of the other affiliations since most of the others are huge (the Avengers and A-Force probably have 20ish models in-affiliation each already) or include minis that I’m not particularly interested in; plus the range is expanding faster than I care to purchase and paint already and I’m no completionist.

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