Painted Chaos Warhounds

I’ve had the remains of a box of Chaos Warhounds lying around since I used two of them as draft beasts for a Tuskgor Chariot, and decided that they’d make quite a nice break in my painting.  The miniatures are simple yet characterful, and they’re ridiculously quick and easy to paint since (of course) almost the entire surface is either fur or skin.  I kept two back in case I ever decide that I need a second chariot, and in any case I don’t think that a unit of eight is going to be more helpful in game than six.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve even put Chaos Warhounds on the table since my very first games with Beastmen since most of the things I’d use them for can also be done by with Harpies or Ungor Raiders.  Perhaps I should evaluate them again sometime soon.


They’re a bit awkward to photograph since all the interesting bits are on the side rather than the front.





Next on the painting table: Dark Debts.

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