Painted Papa Loco Ortega

Finally, here is the last of the Ortegas from the starter box, Papa Loco.  I’ve never actually put him on the table (which is pretty odd I suppose) since the main thing he does is blow things up, and then blow up himself.  If I need that then I just reach for Sonnia Criid, who does all that and more (and critically is not going to be Obeyed by Zoraida to blow up half of my own crew on turn 1).

Much like Perdita, I was initially underwhelmed by the sculpt but it really came to life as I put paint on.  The colours are selected simply to match the rest of my Guild crew.  As Papa Loco is supposed to be dangerously insane I reverted to my early days of painting when it came to the eyes, hoping that the wild-eyed look I had achieved on every single one of my first forays would finally come into its own.  Sadly it doesn’t work at photography scale (though it doesn’t look too dreadful at table top distance).

Next on the painting table: Chaos Warhounds.

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