Painted Tuskgor Chariot

Here is the painted Tuskgor Chariot I put together a while ago.  Funnily enough, I don’t think I’ve actually used a chariot since I built it, but the table top beckons for it again now the work is done.  Anyway, enough text.  Bring forth the pictures!

This is the view my foes get as the mighty chariot crashes across the snow into them, slavering hounds (er, Tuskgors) first.

A little close up on the hounds.  Sorry Kuffeh – I couldn’t quite get the yoke to fit right (though it’s a lot better than the dry fit I did for the unpainted photo).

Here are a couple of side-on shots showing the glorious whole.  I tried to make little furrows in the snow where the wheels would have already rolled, but it’s barely visible in real life and doesn’t show up at all in the photographs.

Some close-ups of the crew.  I’m very happy with the painting on these chaps, and the Bestigor is a delightful sculpt.  I’m really looking forward to painting my unit of enraged goaty lumberjacks, which is just as well since they’re next on the desk.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Tuskgor Chariot

  1. Lovely paint job on a great conversion. Thanks for following up and posting. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ride status- pimped.

    • Actually, in game terms this is the least pimped chariot I can take. I can use the humble Tuskgor Chariot as a mount for characters (er, apart from Minotaurs of course), or replace it entirely by a Razorgor Chariot. I’ve never tried either option so far, but rest assured this bad boy will be appearing on a table-top near you soon.

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