Painted Steelhead Arcanist

This is a Steelhead Arcanist for Warmachine Mercenaries. He’s the same sculpt and has the same rules as the other one I painted a few years ago, but for some reason I never put him back in a box when I took a break from the game. As a result the Arcanist has been staring longingly at me from the side of my painting table until I finally cracked and put some paints on him. It’s not my finest work – especially the eyepatch which I just couldn’t get to work at all – but I’m very glad to have him off the ‘to do’ pile.

Next on the painting table: Loki, God of Mischief.

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14 thoughts on “Painted Steelhead Arcanist

  1. I like the yellows on the cloak.

    Do you have any plans for Warmachine MK4?

    • Thanks very much.

      Currently the new Warmachine isn’t bringing up much excitement in my local gaming groups so I suspect that it’ll depend on whether it takes off or not. In principle I would be interested to play it again once the release is complete though, so I’m not binning my minis or anything.

      • I’m of the same mind. I’ll see if I can give it a try when the full rules are out, otherwise my Everblight will just be kept in Saga.

  2. Lovely job mate, that yellow cloak worked out nicely!

    • Thanks Alex. I feel like I’ve had plenty of practice on yellows lately – it doesn’t hold the same fear for me that it once did 😉

  3. Excellent. The yellow looks great.

  4. Its always great to get something like this done and I like the colors you chose too. You can’t go wrong with yellow, green, and a goldish metallic color!

  5. I think the eye patch turned out all right. Model looks tough, as it’s pretty busy with lots going on. Nice job on getting him done!

    • Thanks Faust! Like many of the minis from Warmachine, this one does suffer a bit from an overabundance of straps and buckles on everything. Still, as he’s a Solo at least I don’t have to paint a whole unit of these chaps.

  6. He is very nice. I you doing any Warmachine any more or just focusing elsewhere?

    • Cheers! I haven’t played Warmachine in ages and the local scene has moved on to other games. But I think that the new edition of the game isn’t fully released yet so it’s definitely possible that we’ll go back to it once the game is back on its feet.

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