Painted Steelhead Arcanist

Here is a Steelhead Arcanist, a solo for my Mercenaries in Warmachine. Like (almost) all Steelhead models, he is at home in the Soldiers of Fortune theme force; Steelhead refers to the name of the mercenary company to which most of the nominally professional mercenaries belong in the game story. This is as opposed to loads of the other Mercenaries who occupy various statuses along the lines of outlaw, desperado, pirate etc. The Arcanist is a pure support piece, being able to give a Focus to a Warjack or remove cloud effects from the game; he also passively gives all nearby friendly Steelheads magical weapons which can be critical in some match-ups. I like him especially with Fiona the Black as in the late game once the Warjacks are all gone and Iโ€™m at the stage of desperately throwing everything I have left into the fray, she can channel spells through the Arcanist and he has enough health to survive the experience at least once.

The Steelhead Arcanist is a newer miniature so itโ€™s a mix of very crisp resin and a few frustrating metal pieces. I went with the same general colour scheme as Sgt Verendrye (and, spoiler alert, the rest of the Steelheads will get the same treatment) as I felt that a co-ordinated colour scheme matched the flavour of a professional group of soldiers. In addition, Iโ€™m really enjoying painting yellow at the moment so it works well. The miniature itself is a really lovely pose; it would probably make quite a good option for RPGs, for example as a Cleric character.

Next on the painting table: Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Steelhead Arcanist

  1. A very detailed figure and nicely painted. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you very much. I really enjoyed painting him. I actually have another one (boringly, the same sculpt) in case I want to do it again; for a while one of my Mercenaries lists included a pair of Arcanists but later I removed one for an Ironhead.

  2. Lovely job mate, he looks boss!!

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