Painted Valerya Gromoz

This is Valerya Gromoz, a mercenary hacker in Infinity who can be taken as part of my Druze Bayram Security force. Infinity hackers work more or less like wizards in other game systems, being able to use programs (i.e. spells) to do various cool things that other pieces cannot. I quite like using Valerya over other hackers since she has a very high WIP skill which helps to achieve offensive hacking.

Valerya has quite an unusual pose for a miniature, almost all of whom are standing up (makes sense I suppose). I took the chance to use the same colours as the other DBS members and I like the way that they look on Valerya as she’s a bit more civilian than the armoured Druze Shock Teams. I gave her pink hair partly because, as Faust noted, I like to paint pink and partly because I wanted to emphasise that the DBS aren’t a proper military organisation and Valerya in particular is a freelancer.  The miniature would make quite a good NPC or civilian in some kind of futuristic system since she (again, quite unusually) isn’t carrying huge weapons; she does have a holstered handgun though.  More so than other miniatures, I struggled with the photography and there is a bit of glare on her left eye that I just couldn’t get rid of no matter what I did with the camera.  Nonetheless, I’m very pleased with the way she looks even at this hugely inflated scale.

Next on the painting table: Deathrippers.

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7 thoughts on “Painted Valerya Gromoz

  1. Cool, love that bubblegum hair colour!

  2. I like what you’ve done with the two-tone uniform, and it’s also refreshing to see more ethnically diverse figures painted up!

    • Thanks Azazel. As always, my goal is tabletop standard so a simple, bold scheme is preferable to a more naturalistic one that will only be fully appreciated close up. Of course, this means that these giant pictures are rather the opposite of my intended viewing perspective!

      I don’t have any kind of agenda with the skin tones, I just think it looks cooler when it doesn’t look like my force is made up of members of the same family. But actually in Infinity lots of the models are (quite sensibly) wearing super-duper future helmets so you can’t see any skin anyway.

  3. Super cool model! Well done on the paint job. The model rules also look great especially that upgrade hacking device!

    • Thank you! I really like the sculpts from Corvus Belli (although they do tend a bit too much toward the cheesecake style at times) and I think that this is one the most characterful.

      I have to admit that I feel that a more competent player could really make Hackers do great things in the game.

      • Agreed! I tried to use a hacker once*a Hassassin Ragiks, who failed her drop and landed in the enemy development by luck, she then processed to rip out her light shotgun and kill like 4 guys. So not the best hacker per say, but killing she did exceptionally well!

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