Painted Deathrippers

These lovely twin robots are Deathrippers for my Cryx force in Warmachine. They are Arc Nodes, which means that my Warcaster can use them as casting points for magic. In a game where having your Warcaster killed means you lose, this is quite important; this goes doubly for the Witch Coven since they’re so easy to kill. They are the cheapest Arc Nodes available and as such are pretty useless at actually doing anything on their own.

I stuck with the same pink spot colouring as the Witch Coven but opted for more black and bronze for the rest of the Deathripper chassis; it seemed more fitting for the robot. I’m not sure if the skull at the front is meant to be an actual skull or just a manufactured thing like a ship’s prow, but I painted it as the former anyway (I’m not aware of anything in the Iron Kingdoms setting that looks like it would have such a skull but I’m hardly a close follower of the lore).  Overall a simple but effective paint job; I’m happy with the result.

Next on the painting table: Peacemaker and Auxbot

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