Painted Harlequin Troupe

These happy dancers are a Harlequin Troupe for Warhammer 40,000. In game they appear to be a close combat or very short ranged shooting unit and have a load of abilities to get them there by ignoring intervening terrain and such like. According to the army book I have (which I think is not the current one any more as it includes all the other Eldar and Necrons) there is a vast variety of weapons that they can carry at various costs, some of which are more expensive than the base Harlequin. Presumably these are all good for particular tasks but since I don’t have any experience I just equipped the Troupe with whatever looked nice. In the few games I’ve played we just assumed that the whole Troupe carried the same loadout for convenience.

The miniatures are absolutely beautiful to put together; they look dynamic but are not fiddly to either assemble or paint. Some of GW’s competitors could learn from this, though in general I suppose that I prefer the game balance of those other systems even with the slightly less amazing miniatures. Painting-wise the Harlequin Troupe got more or less the same treatment as the Troupe Master except that I stuck to a slightly more limited palette (avoiding blues for the most part) to link them together as a unit.

I would like to dedicate this post to ‘Junit‘ (i.e. June-unit) as proposed by the excellent Azazel. I always love their hobby blogging challenges even when I don’t take part.

Next on the painting table: Shadowseer.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Harlequin Troupe

  1. Lovely work here – I like the subtle blur-grey you’ve used on their masks, which keeps them in tune with their clothing, but makes them pop just that little bit. Nice contrasts as well – red black and white always work well together, and the bone accoutrements do their job very nicely.

    And thanks for taking part this month! 🙂

    • Thanks very much! I’m not the most skilled painter (as is painfully obvious to anyone reading this) so I just go with what makes me happy. ‘Blur-grey’ would be quite an appropriate colour for the Harelquins too.

      • Welcome mate – they certainly look fine to me, and regardless of any flaws that you see – as we keep at it we all keep continuing to improve.

  2. *blue-grey, not blur-grey. Though of course, Blur is pretty cool as well.

  3. Troupe-tastic mate, nicely done!

  4. Lords of Dance! Yes, the scary ones.

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