Painted Harlequin Troupe Master

My son expressed an interest in Warhammer 40,000 over Age of Sigmar, so he got a treat (for good behaviour) in the form of some Necrons. In order to have something to play against him, I dithered over the armies that didn’t even exist properly last time I played the game and eventually picked up a few boxes of Harlequins. I will admit that it was a real retail pleasure to walk into the GW store to pick up a bunch of toys and chat with the redshirts about them. This chap is a Harlequin Troupe Master. Considering that he comes in the box with the regular Harlequins I had assumed that he was the equivalent of a sergeant or champion, but it turns out that Troupe Masters are the ones in charge and take up an HQ slot accordingly.

I had forgotten how easy to assemble and paint GW miniatures are, even a dynamic one like this with plenty of detail. Looking at the ‘Eavy Metal team pictures of Harlequins and many others on the internet clearly demonstrated that me successfully copying the colour scheme was about as likely as running to the moon so I picked a much simpler approach. The ‘lowest’ level of clothes (i.e. those closest to the skin) were black, then white above that, and finally then a bright colour. This chap got red but if we go far enough down this rabbit hole then I might need more Troupe Masters and will give them blue or green coats or something to keep them distinct. I vaguely remembered something about Eldar (of which the Harlequins are a part) using some magic stuff called wraithbone instead of metal so I went with that style for the weapons. Overall, painting the Troupe Master was a real pleasure.

Next on the painting table: Harlequin Troupe.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Harlequin Troupe Master

  1. Some days I miss the simplestity of painting GW miniatures, but then I remember slogging through 5000 points of IG – I got so tired of that paint scheme! The test model was fun, the rest was assembly line work!

    Keep up the painting and posting updates!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up nowhere near 5000 points, but even if I did I imagine that Harlequins are 10 times as expensive (in points) as Guardsmen so I might go a little less crazy.

  2. Nice job mate – he certainly looks the part!

  3. That three layer painting approach works really well. It will also allow to add more detailing over time in terms of patterns whenever you feel like giving it a try.

    • Thank you. I like the overall effect. As you say, I can always come back and go for something a bit more challenging later if I feel like it.

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