Painted Shadowseer

This is a Shadowseer for my Harlequins. As far as I can tell they are supposed to mainly work as a wizard, but there is a certain element of supporting my own units passively too. In general I’ve found that she just walks around slightly behind the Harlequin Troupes and makes them a bit more annoying to deal with.

I deviated from the paint scheme of the other Harlequins by avoiding red and using purple instead. Hopefully this will make her stand out a bit on the table top as otherwise I worry that the whole army looks a bit same-y from the other side of the board. On the other hand, perhaps that would be helpful instead of having my son shoot her every time we play!

Next on the painting table: Carrion Emissary

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4 thoughts on “Painted Shadowseer

  1. Nicely done mate, looks good in purple!

  2. She’s very effective – looks great. Now we need a shot of her alongside the rest of the Harlies!

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