Painted Sidir Alchibal

This is Sidir Alchibal (and not Captain Nemo from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as you might have thought initially), sidekick / bodyguard for Lucas McCabe. I only ended up using him once in Malifaux Classic edition (where he was shot to death by Perdita Ortega without achieving much) and his rules aren’t even in open testing for the second edition of Malifaux yet.

This is probably the most testing amount of white I’ve tried on a miniature because Sidir is a remarkably big chap (that’s a 40 mm base he’s sitting on) and I’m very happy with it.  Even in the somewhat unforgiving medium of close up photography it still looks decent, and on the tabletop it’s very pleasing.  I thought that the bright red turban and robes really set off the white, and then chose to make the rest of him (beard, weapons, accessories) darker to pop the white as much as possible.  I declare myself satisfied.  Now, when can I get him back to the gaming table…


Next on the painting table: Oiran.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Sidir Alchibal

  1. Flames of the Phoenix

    I think that this is probably my favorite Malifaux model that I have seen on your site. It looks really nice, too. The red with the white & black works really well.

    • Thanks very much.

      I really like the character of the Wyrd miniatures, even the ones that aren’t that good in game feel like they’re worth painting up.

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