Painted Yin, the Penangalan

This is Yin, the Penangalan, another of my Ten Thunders miniatures.  Unlike some of them, Yin is actually a proper Ten Thunders choice rather than being restricted to a single Master like Beckoners.  Her main thing is to be supremely annoying to everyone, which she achieves by being hard to get rid of (negative flips to attack) and having the Anathema rule so she’s even scary to robots.  I’ve found that Yin really hates it when people bring paired weapons, or remember that they can focus attacks to get round the negative flip on the attack duel. It all gets even more hilarious when enemy pieces can have their Willpower reduced, such as with Lucas McCabe’s Braying of the Hounds spell.  Of course, this is all outdated information due to the new Malifaux rules, so who knows what will happen to the poor Penangalan with the update.

I painted most of her mass of organs in various colours then slathered purple ink liberally across the lot which appears to have had the desired effect of looking slightly nasty.  To add to the scary look, I left out the pupils from her eyes which works well enough, though she doesn’t need much help looking scary.


Next on the painting table: Sidir Alchibal.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Yin, the Penangalan

  1. Flames of the Phoenix

    Well, that is an…. interesting… miniature. She definitely gives off the ‘creepy’ vibe. I think that the purple ink looks to have done its job nicely.

    • Apparently it’s based on a beastie from Malaysian tales which is loosely analagous to the vampire. Not that I knew that before someone told me, it was just a creepy looking floating head.

  2. Jesus, way ahead of the curve on the scary-o-meter alright. It immediately reminded me of the monstrosity that shot out of that corpses chest in The Thing (1982).

    The purple ink over the organs worked out well, good stuff.

    • Thanks. I hadn’t thought about the similarity with one of the beasties in The Thing, but you’re right. It fits in surprisingly well with the cartoon horror of Malifaux, but I’d say that this one would make a good appearance in a Call of Cthulu type RPG too. Not bad versatility for a floating-head-and-entrails lady.

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