Painted Ronan The Accuser

This is Ronan The Accuser for Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s affiliated with Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans; I’ve mainly seen him appear with the former but I think that is probably because I hardly ever see Inhumans at all, with or without Ronan. I quite like the idea of using Ronan to sit on a back point and use his long range Universal Weapon attack to push people off other point and give them Shock, then he can just hope for the wild throw on his close range builder if anyone is brave enough to come into range. The main problem with this approach is that both Iron Man and Winter Soldier exist and can do a very similar job for one threat less, and Rocket is also available and in-affiliation for Guardians if you just want a long range gunfighter. I suspect that his best use case is to abuse the Power Gem for some round one Extract shenanigans, probably in combination with the Eyes On The Prize to hoover up a couple of Hammers before the other side gets motoring.

I enjoyed painting Ronan as he was a fun study in limiting my colour selection to creams and greens, and this helped his bright blue skin show up much brighter than I’d expected. The universal weapon’s glow was created by using some purple ink in the gaps between sections and I think that this has worked quite nicely at table top range and perhaps a little less so in these close-ups.

Ronan’s appearance in the MCU leaves something to be desired as he’s a pretty rubbish baddy who ends up being comedically defeated by the Guardians. I’ve seen him show up in a few comics where he makes a much more interesting character – still a zealot (and far from a goody) but with a goal of creating an admittedly harsh justice and sometimes fighting alongside the heroes in pursuit of that goal. I understand that at some stage he was also somehow married into the Inhuman royal family which explains his inclusion in that affiliation but opens a host of other questions, most notably: why?!

Next on the painting table: Ghost Rider.

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13 thoughts on “Painted Ronan The Accuser

  1. Nice work on him. The line work is looking pretty clean! I remembered him being all green in the comics, but that was ages ago. He was kind of like Namor in the comics. Ended up fighting the good guys most times, because his ideology was different than others.

    • Thank you very much. I liked Ronan’s character quite a lot in the comics, he makes a much more fun antagonist when he actually has a reason to pick between the goodies and the baddies.

  2. Nice one mate – looking forward to Ghost Rider though!! 🔥💀🔥

  3. Very nice mate

  4. Bold move with the cream over the light green. I like ’em!

  5. This is a cool-looking sculpt and you painted him well. Ronan is definitely disappointing in the MCU and one of the blandest characters to boot. I think its Lee Pace who plays him and he’s a talented actor in other roles which makes it all the more disappointing. I haven’t read about Ronan in the comics much but I’d say he has to be more interesting than in Guardians!

    • Thank you! It’s worth reading the recent Hickman comics just for a cool yet bizarre conversation / fight between Ronan and Black Dwarf. Who would have guessed that they were both such philosophers?

  6. Nicely done indeed. 🙂

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