Painted Ghost Rider

Here is Ghost Rider, another miniature for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Ghost Rider is thematically and actually affiliated with Defenders and Midnight Sons but he’s been a popular splash character in many other affiliations as he provides an interesting suite of abilities. Firstly, due to the Spirit of Vengeance power, Ghost Rider gains a power when anyone else on his team is damaged by an enemy attack, which means that he generally has plenty of power to spend when he needs it. This lets him constantly be a thorn by spending for Wicked’s Judgement to damage attackers based on the number of critical hits they roll when attacking another. All this means that in my experience, Ghost Rider needs to be dealt with early on or he’ll be a pain in the neck for the whole game. However, this does also play into his favour as one of his two character-specific Tactics Cards, Deal With The Devil, allows him to avoid being KOed and instead replace another friendly character to come back with full health. All in all, it can be a frustrating experience playing into Ghost Rider and that probably means that I should play him myself a bit more often.

Painting Ghost Rider was quite interesting as almost everything is either black or made of fire. I tried to make the leather clothes look more different from the bike by giving them a wash with brown ink; not only does this change the colour a little but it gives a slightly shinier effect. The flame effects were really fun to do and they stand out beautifully against the darkness of the rest of the mini. I didn’t use washes at all on these as I wanted to keep the brightness, starting with yellow and then doing the higher up (and therefore less hot, assuming that this also applies to magical fire) parts in orange and finally red. I’ve seen people top out flame effects with blacks and dark greys but I didn’t want that here as it would start to blend back in with the rest of the miniature.

Next on the painting table: Patriarch.

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18 thoughts on “Painted Ghost Rider

  1. Looks fantastic

  2. Superb job on those flames dude!!

  3. Excellent mate , that’s quite a figure. 🙂

  4. This is a fun mini to be sure. I think the flames look very nice as well. I’d be curious to see what this mini would look like with some OSL on the street and around the flames. Unfortunately, I’ve got too many minis to paint as it is or I’d be tempted to give it a go!

    • Cheers 🙂 I did briefly consider trying some OSL here but stopped for two reasons – one is that I’m just not a fan of OSL in general (even other people’s work) and the other is that I’m just not that good at painting! I’d love to see your take on Ghost Rider though… and it could be a gateway into you playing this awesome game 😉

  5. Very nice! Love the flames, they came out super cool or should that be hot? I think I wold have to do something to break up all that black, but I can’t think wha that would be.

    • Cheers Eric, hotter than the flames of Hell! If I were Azazel I would have drawn some intricate design on the back of Ghost Rider’s coat. Or maybe (as Jeff suggested above) done some OSL to reduce the amount of black. But actually I’m happy with the way he’s turned out so I think that there is no need to add or take away at all.

  6. That’s a nice mini and I get a fun one to paint too. Good call on using ink on the leather to make it shiny and also leaving the black off the tips of the flame here.

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  8. Nice work, the flames look great!

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