Painted Skurge

This is Skurge, the Executioner – another Asgardian for Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s pretty straightforward by Asgardian standards, in that he hits people and occasionally throws terrain at them, and the only particularly interesting superpower he has is a form of Bodyguard. Nonetheless he fills a very useful role in the roster as a brawler and he does get to roll a lot of dice on his builder attack considering his cost. Skurge also has two Tactics Cards, one which gives him a fairly rubbish beam (but has an amusing in-joke in the name) and a more useful one that allows him to jump in front on a throw and take the hit for your other characters. Getting the latter to work isn’t always easy (and also requires Enchantress, although that is hardly a chore) but it’s always nice to be able to spread the damage around your team in a way that messes with the other player. Like most of the baddie Asgardians, Skurge is also affiliated in Cabal, where I expect that Red Skull’s leadership would mitigate his lack of power generation.

I painted Skurge according to his box art, which I assume is based on some comic run from the 70s considering the colour scheme. I did quite enjoy the bright colours but I don’t feel that the yellow, blue and pink combination works very well; if anything it makes him look more like a clown than a fearsome superhuman wielding an axe. His trademark stripy hair caused me a few issues as there is no texture at all on the mini so it just looks like it’s been painted on; obviously that is literally true but I do try to give the impression of realism up to a point.

Next on the painting table: Malekith, the Accursed.

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17 thoughts on “Painted Skurge

  1. Nice work on Dredd’s alternate outfit here. It’s kinda reminiscent of Wolverine’s early (and then re-equipped) outfit in the scheme. Or maybe he was an early international Ukranian Patriot? 😉

  2. That yellow and blue go together really nicely. 🙂

    • Thanks TIM. I think it’s the pink symbol on his chest that I find a little jarring, it just doesn’t fit nicely with either the blue or the yellow.

  3. Nicely done mate, what were those costume designers smoking eh? 😂

    • Thanks. You’re not wrong there 🙂 Mind you, at least the boys generally got away with just silly colours. The ladies also had to contend with various combinations of swimsuits and heels while they fought crime and/or cosmic threats!

  4. Now that is a costume and color scheme! You did a good job on this retro looking mini, mate. I’m guessing this is the same character that Karl Urban plays in Thor Ragnarok? If not, they look very similar!

    • Cheers Kuribo 🙂

      Yes, this is indeed Karl Urban’s character from Thor: Ragnarok; I thought he was well cast (and Azazel hinted it above too) and had his hair cut in this distinctive way. The other tactics card that I alluded to in the post is called Weapons of Midgard which gives him an attack called Destroy as a fun reference to the film.

      • His reference went right over my head until you mentioned it! The haircut was definitely a unique look for Karl, I must say 🙂

  5. Actually I think that must be a newer costume design, because as far back as I can remember he never wore blue and yellow! His costume was mostly blue, grey, with some brown and black. Not sure what the designer was thinking there! His first appearance and some of his other costumes show up on this page:

    • Oh! Thanks, I’m always glad to have your expertise here. Maybe whoever drew the card art for Atomic Mass Games just liked the blue and yellow combination?

      • Cheers AB! I imagine Marvel is involved, so I’m sure he’s had that color of costume at some point. Sadly for him, haha! Hey, did you ever get the Arnim Zola/Strucker set? I’m really curious how they do Arnim’s TV screen/face. Would probably work awesomely as a sticker, but if they just have a blank space to paint on that would suck!

        • Cheers! I didn’t get the set with Zola in it (yet!) but I’ve seen it and it is really cool. The screen is made up of a transparent section so you can paint the head and then cover it with a window.

  6. That hair has come out really well!

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