Painted Scarlet Witch

This is Scarlet Witch for Marvel Crisis Protocol. She comes in at a hefty five threat and is quite the offensive powerhouse; she brings long range Mystic type attacks. I most often see and use Scarlet Witch as a sort of long ranged turret where she can sit on a side point and vapourise anyone who comes in to take it off her. Scarlet Witch’s main gimmick is counting Skulls as successes which really messes with the expected results of attacks from and into her. She also has a very helpful card called No More Mutants – it allows her to stop a superpower being used just like Ebony Maw’s Shhh… card. This might seem quite a minor thing but turning off a key power for a turn can be huge when timed well; however my main problem with it is that I never seem to be able to pick a good time to use it.

I tried to paint Scarlet Witch somewhere between her hilarious original comic book outfit and her fractionally less silly film costume. I guess it’s hard not to look at least a bit odd when you’re wearing spandex tights and are surrounded by glowing mystical nonsense. I did really enjoy painting her; even the swirly stuff which I normally find to be a bit of a grind just seemed to work nicely.

Next on the painting table: Achilles Ridgerunner.

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19 thoughts on “Painted Scarlet Witch

  1. Nice work on Wanda! One thing I like about these minis, is that most could be painted either way. If you’re a fan of the newer stuff or classic stuff. Kind of a best of both worlds! 😀

    • Thanks very much. I think that some of the characters are very clearly portrayed in some particular version of their costumes – Iron Man for instance probably has different actual suits rather than just different colour schemes – but Scarlet Witch here could be wearing any of her costumes from the last 50 (?) years.

      • Yea, she’s one that hasn’t changed too much from her early costume. Sometimes the costume just works, thanks to the early artistic talent they had (Ditko, Kirby, etc.).

  2. Nicely done mate – I’m not a fan of faffy effects on minis either, but this works I reckon

    • Thanks. I guess from a design point of view it makes some minis stand out a bit rather than just having everyone standing in a superhero pose on the ground.

  3. I like this one, and am thinking she could be a future purchase just for the painting opportunities! And I will definitely be going old school!

    • Awesome, I’ll look forward to seeing her on your excellent blog. From a strictly gaming perspective she also comes with one of the Extract Crisis Cards so it can expand your horizons on the tabletop a bit.

  4. Wanda came out well! I have to admit, I agree with her old school costume not aging well. Its just hard to imagine anybody dressing like that now 🙂

  5. You’ve made Wanda look pretty great here, though she looks so fragile I’d be scared to sneeze around her! 😬

    • Thank you Azazel! Scarlet Witch’s tactical-swirly-stuff is pretty solid; much more so than it looks. Storm is the one who wobbles about in a breeze.

      • I feel like when I get to building some of the later MCP models I may have to do some serious de-basing on some of them, just so I can fit them into a case without breaking them each time!

        • I think that’s quite doable but you might also end up resculpting the legs a bit to account for the change in pose if they have to stand on the ground rather than float around in magical swirly stuff.

  6. Nicely done mate but store her carefully! 🙂

  7. Very cool model and I think you hit the painting balance between the two just right. How many have you now finished and how many left on your table?

    • Thank you very much! I think that I have maybe painted 80 or so heroes over the last few years, though there are something like twice as many in existence.

  8. Great stuff. Just seen the latest Doc Strange Marvel movie with her in so perfect timing for that.

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