Painted Achilles Ridgerunner

This is an Achilles Ridgerunner, a fast attack choice for my Genestealer Cult army in Warhammer 40,000. It helpfully works just like it looks like it ought to – very fast with one big death cannon strapped on the back. So far we’ve only being playing very small games with this force so it’s proven quite annoying for my friends to bring down; however I think that this will not last when we move up to bigger points values and I’m facing some competent anti-tank weapons. Nonetheless it has been fun kiting away from things and zapping away with the attached mining laser.

I wanted to keep the overall blue and yellow scheme for this force and I’m not sure that it works so well with such a big object. I like it thematically that the Ridgerunner is high visibility since it’s meant to be a utilitarian industrial vehicle rather than a purpose built war machine, but I don’t like the way that it looks like a big yellow brick. I think if I paint another one of these I’ll try to break up the yellow with more blue markings. Otherwise I’m really satisfied with the results here, especially considering that I’ve been deliberately trying to keep to quick and dirty paint jobs on the GSC forces.

Next on the painting table: Kraven the Hunter.

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16 thoughts on “Painted Achilles Ridgerunner

  1. It’s a lovely model – maybe the big yellow could be toned down with some sensitive weathering on top? The sides look great, but the top view is very clean 😁

  2. I think it looks great. That’s a nice vibrant yellow.

  3. Wow, yellow is such a hard color to get right, and this looks great. I have to say Alex is on the right path, some weathering and/or chipping to show its hard use as an industrial vehicle before being pressed into military combat.
    you could also put some hazard stripping on the front to break up all the yellow too!

    • Thank you Eric 🙂 I’m thinking about how I can make this look better if I get another and I reckon that your advice is spot-on.

  4. Its cool to see you painting in such a bright color and pretty much everything Genestealer Cults is awesome too!

    If you want to get some good weathering stuff, you might look at what AK Interactive offers. They have all kinds of stuff that is for vehicles (especially tanks) that you could use to really weather this thing up. Even just a bit of dirt splashed on the tires and the bottom of the vehicle will make a big difference. They also have Youtube videos explaining how to use some of their products so if you’re inclined and their products don’t cost an arm and a leg (they’re not cheap in the US), I’d say give it a go!

    • Thanks, that is good advice! I am definitely a sucker for GSC nostalgia, but I will admit that I’ve found them a bit awkward to play. I slightly suspect that they need rather more skill at the game than I have to really sing on the tabletop.

  5. Looks excellent mate and even more impressive as yellow can be a bugger to paint. 🙂

  6. The yellow looks nice all painted up like that!

  7. Apart from the fact that Imperial Fists the Galaxy over are going to hunt you down for daring to paint the Xenos filth in their yellow, it looks really good 😉. What I really like it the contrast with the wheels. I really like how you’ve painted them.

    • Thanks! Funnily enough, almost all of my games are against one particular friend and he does indeed paint his Space Marines as Imperial Fists. So when we do these armies together it’s quite a bright tabletop 🙂

  8. Looks excellent! The Cults are one of the forces thgat doesn’t get enough love so especially great to see yours here. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ll admit that much of the reason for picking these chaps up was the nostalgia factor but I have been enjoying the painting.

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