Painted Enchantress

Here is Enchantress, an Asgardian for Marvel Crisis Protocol who is also affiliated with Cabal. Enchantress is one of the notable few characters in the game to have had a power-balance errata to make her worse but despite this the effect was light and she remains very playable. By the standards of Asgardians, Enchantress isn’t particularly tough but she has a suite of control options to move people around, notably to make them line up neatly for her brutal beam attack. Enemies must also pay power when they attack her or be forced to deal with her impressive mystic defence rather than her rather anaemic other defence stats. I very much enjoy playing with Enchantress; she never feels like she has nothing useful to do.

The card art of Enchantress has her in various shades of green, which is how she dresses in the only comic I’ve ever read that includes her – the classic 80s Secret Wars run that, in retrospect, had a deeper impact on my life than I would ever have dreamed at the time. Long time followers of this blog will know that I’m not great at subtle colour transitions so I spent quite a lot of time picking suitable green colours and I’m very happy with the result. Also notable here is that I gave Enchantress some lipstick. I’m not a fan of female minis being painted as though they were interrupted to join in a war while en route to a disco but in Enchantress’s case it felt appropriate. Perhaps not surprisingly, this doesn’t look great a this scaled-up high resolution photo but it’s good enough for me at tabletop distance.

Next on the painting table: Carnage.

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12 thoughts on “Painted Enchantress

  1. Looking good mate!!

    • Thank you Alex! Enchantress is definitely not benefitting from the high resolution close up of her face here, I reckon she looks rather better at real size 🙂

      • Lipstick is a tricky thing to make work at this scale – I use a couple of goes with GWs crimson wash when I try it, but only on the bottom lip 😉

      • High resolution phots are not a miniature painter’s friend, I only ever see my mistakes when I look at my miniatures with such pictures. BTW – I really like what you did with all the greens!

        • Thanks Eric, that is exactly what I see too. Blogging is a bit of an exercise in masochism sometimes, having your works’ flaws writ large for all to see.

  2. Nice work here! I have to admit that I don’t know this character at all, and on first glance she looks like a palette-swap of Wanda! Turns out I have this model as well, but she’s WAY down on the production line list for the time being – I’ll have to check this post again for ideas when I get to her! 🙂

    • Thanks Azazel. My only recollection of Enchantress is from an 80s comic run where, on one hand the writers did a good job of portraying her as aloof from mortal concerns but on the other hand that came at the cost of having her sole objective be to seduce Thor. You’re right that she would make a good alternative Scarlet Witch as they have very similar costumes; I think that Polaris has a lot of overlap too. Possibly this is symptomatic of male comic artists drawing of the ‘classic’ costumes of female superheroes where the checklist appears to be: tight top, silly hat, cape, full make-up and perfect hair even during an apocalypse.

      I’ll look forward to seeing your take on Enchantress when she finally makes it to the front of the painting queue.

  3. She is in my MCP pile of “need to build and paint” miniatures. I like that you kept the greens limited to 2-3 shades. Hopefully I can refer back to your post to remind myself to keep it simple!

  4. I agree with Azazel. She does look similar to Scarlet Witch even though I know she is very much a different character. I don’t know her very well either but I know she is considered a fairly classic character amongst fans. Great job painting her up and it sounds like she’ll get a fair bit of use in your games which is always nice too.

    • Thanks Kuribo! I am quite content to paint minis for their own sake but it’s definitely better when they can see use on the tabletop too.

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