Painted Assault Intercessors

This is a second combat squad of Assault Intercessors to be part of my Space Marines (Adeptus Astartes) army in Warhammer 40K. There’s not much more to say about them than I mentioned for the previous squad; they’re the basic troops of the faction and they specialise in close quarters combat. I opted to give the sergeant a Power Fist mainly because it’s such an iconically 40K weapon; really embodying the ethos of ‘I fly across the galaxy in mile-long spaceships, purely so that I can punch you on the nose’.

The painting was the same as the rest of the Space Marines. I think that the white on the Intercessors’ armour really shows up the difference between really skilled painters and me. My minis look fine on the tabletop, but in these brightly lit zoomed-in photos all sorts of errors are evident. When I look at the many highly-skilled bloggers I like to follow, there is no such evidence of paint-streaking, wash-pooling etc even when they post really great photos. I love this hobby; there are so many ways to continue to improve even after an unholy number of years of enjoying it.

Next on the painting table: Killmonger.

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11 thoughts on “Painted Assault Intercessors

  1. Very nice.

  2. I was just getting ready to comment on hat a fine job you’ve done with the white armor, as it’s very hard to pull off, then you go and compare yourself to others. Don’t do that, these SM look great. And unless you’re submitting them to a painting competition, tabletop viewing is fine enough. I like them, and I love seeing the bold color palette that you work with, keep up the good work – looking forward to seeing Kilmonger!

    • Thanks, that’s a very kind thing to say. I’m certainly not worrying about my skills versus anyone else’s; it is more that I can see many ways to improve. And you’re right of course: white is not an easy colour to get a satisfying result with.

  3. Looking very nice, and I do like your comment on power fists!
    On the painting white front it is a pain of a colour to paint, I got a space marine force back in 3rd addition I think and painted it with big white parts, I love the look on the table top, but after all these years I’m still not happy with mine up close because of the white.
    But I also echo Eric’s point don’t judge yourself against others what you are doing is grand!

    • Thank you very much. I’m old enough to be realistic about where my skills lie; I enjoy painting and do it for that reason rather than to compete with anyone.

      It would be interesting to go back to your 3rd edition Space Marines and enjoy how much you’ve improved since then. Actually that is one nice thing about keeping a blog; it’s easy to see my progress.

      • I’m glad you paint for yourself and not to compete, I saw your bit on the post and was worried you where going hobby self criticism so more than happy to be wrong!

        Unfurtently I think all those old space marines have long ago gone into a bits box so its hard to go back, but I might try to dig some out at some point. I like you point on the blogging, never thought about that, still relatively new to it (year 3) so will be interesting in a few years time!

  4. Its true that you never stop learning and I know I’m still learning new things all the time even after doing this for 5 years now. I would say that painting white and then trying to do a wash over them is really, really hard. If you want it to look realistic, you’d need to use very thin washes (the wash needs to be watered down heavily with water or Lahmia Medium). You can also use greys as a shadow color when painting white as an alternative. Its surprising how nice that can look. Not sure if any of that will help lift your spirits but I would say not to be discouraged and keep looking for ways to improve. That has always helped me out.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Killmonger! He may be the next Black Panther in the movies maybe so that is an important mini you’re painting next 🙂

    • Thanks very much. Certainly my intent was not to sound dispirited; if anything I’m delighted that the world is filled with skilled people doing what they love. Not being the best in a hobby is totally fine.

      I’ll be interested to see how Marvel handle the next Black Panther film. I’m pretty sure that the first film ends with Killmonger dying. In some comics the queen becomes Black Panther which would be pretty cool. Of course, one thing comics and such are known for is not following cause-and-effect consistently so they could just magic a character back to life or whatever.

  5. Nicely done mate 👍

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