Painted Horticulous Slimux

Here is Horticulous Slimux, a leader for my slowly growing Chaos Daemons project in Warhammer 40,000. So far I haven’t actually tried him on the table so no comments on performance this time. Partly this is because we’re playing small games of 40K at the moment and there isn’t much room for extra characters if I want to actually achieve objectives. It is also relevant that Horticulous Slimux’s special rules mainly affect Beasts of Nurgle, of which I have none so far; perhaps eventually I’ll get round to picking some of them up and he can lead a little contingent of them across the tabletop. On the other hand, I am quite a fan of his story in the books; he’s basically a classical grumpy gardener of the sort you’d find complaining to Poirot about the damage that some unfortunate murder victim had done to his lovingly tended petunias.

I painted the miniature in two separate parts; first the rider (who I assume is actually Horticulous Slimux) and then the snail-beastie (uncredited, tragically). The rider was treated pretty much like my Plaguebearers, although I took a little more care with the skin tones than with the infantry. The snail got a bit more attention, as befits it’s greater stature; however the majority of the time was not on the shell or body but rather on the various bits of bling hanging off it at all angles. All in all a very enjoyable process; easy to assemble and to paint.

A close-up of the snail’s face; kind of cute in its own way.

The Nurgling used as a carrot to entice the snail forward.  I get the impression that the GW sculptors love to put in silly touches like that.

The main character, Horticulous Slimux.  I guess that is meant to be a pipe he’s smoking, though it looks more like he’s just chewing on a bone.  I’m not really sure what the devil-carrot thing is supposed to be either.

Next on the painting table: Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers.

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5 thoughts on “Painted Horticulous Slimux

  1. Bit of a Marmite model – a little too cartoony for my taste, but nicely done sir!

    • Thanks. I get what you mean – it does veer a little bit into the ‘silly’ end of Chaos. Luckily I was raised on Slaves to Darkness and The Lost and The Damned, so I don’t mind a bit of ridiculousness in my Daemons. In some ways I slightly prefer that side of GW to the more po-faced / playing it straight approach of the modern game. The game world is big enough to encompass it all.

  2. Awesome work, mate. In fact, you could submit him for Awesome August if you felt it. The bone is a bit of a “corncob pipe” joke, I believe, but in the form of a bone, because Nurgle and Daemons.

    • Thanks very much.

      I’ve taken you up on the invitation to submit him into Awesome August; I will admit that I had lost track of your ongoing (and excellent) challenges as I’ve just not been painting much lately.

      Good explanation about the corncob pipe. I thought that was an rather (US) American reference as we don’t really have corn in the UK, but then I thought that you were Australian so maybe I just missed the cultural nod. I guess when I think of gardeners and pipes I’m looking more at Ronnie Barker in this sort of sketch: (not that it is a particularly good one by their standards).

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