Painted Swamp Horror (part one)

Here is a Swamp Horror, a heavy Warbeast to go in my Hordes Minions force. I really enjoy playing with Swamp Horror in the Will Work For Food theme force, as the combination of Pull on the (many) tentacle attacks and Overtake (from the theme force) allows some hilarious moves on the table, sometimes including pulling a Warcaster clear of their screen and into range of something else that they believed they were safe from. Even just clearing infantry they can get a lot of work done because it is so hard to stay safe from the Swamp Horror’s huge reach. I’ve been playing two of these under Jaga Jaga, along with a Blackhide Wrastler – the addition of Signs and Portents plus Rage means that some serious work can get done. Of course, the pitiful initial threat range is a bit of a concern so I often lose one of the Swamp Horrors before it even makes a single attack.

I kept a very simple paint scheme for the Swamp Horror, trying to stick with the idea that this is could actually be an animal out in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms. The colours chosen are (somewhat) naturalistic without anything too bright. As a result it was quite simple to paint, with only two colours covering most of the miniature. Assembling the Swamp Horror was a different matter; they’re made of metal and have loads of fiddly tentacles that need to be pinned. I can only assume that the ‘Horror’ part of the name refers to the experience of putting the miniature together.

Next on the painting table: Horticulous Slimux.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Swamp Horror (part one)

  1. Ann

    Neat. Am looking forward to seeing your Horticulous. I have one that has been sadly sitting in the box for quite some time now. Mostly I try not to make eye contact with it and hope that the nurglings will come in an assemble it sometime when I’m not looking, but so far not much luck. 😦

    • Thanks.

      I’m pretty much done with Horticulous; assembling it was quite painless to be honest (but then again, I’ve assembled a full squad of Nyss Hunters and nothing compares to that horror). In general my experience with GW’s miniatures is that they are well-designed for both assembly and ease-of-painting. If only they could make a game system as good as Malifaux or WarmaHordes (or Infinity, for that matter) I’d be all over them again.

      • Ann

        Yes, I agree their miniatures are top notch. As for their games, I have enjoyed them over the years despite their flaws, though I do find I go through years-long periods where I have Rules Churn Exhaustion. I have a bit of RCE now it seems….

  2. Very cool mate, that is one gribbly beasty!

    • Thanks. This part of the Minions faction is basically voodoo swamp beasties so there should be more like it coming along eventually.

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  4. Ann

    I still like this one, though after seeing the purple one, I think I like the latter one even better! 🙂

    • Thanks Ann! It’s quite nice sometimes to paint a force with a purposefully disparate colour scheme, rather than having ranks of little people wearing the same uniform.

      • Ann

        That is very true, and it works especially well, too, in some ways if you are modeling an irregular force or even a regular force with supply issues. Plus it is more fun to paint, I’d imagine than doing the 50th guy in the same uniform.

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