Painted Druze Shock Team with Heavy Machine Gun

I got back onto the Infinity painting pile with this Druze Shock Team, this time bearing a Heavy Machine Gun. As with previous posts, she is part of the Druze Bayram Security sectorial within the Non-Aligned Armies. Heavy Machine Guns are rather straightforward weapons in Infinity, winning firefights simply due to large numbers dice being thrown. Needless to say, this makes them much more useful in the active turn where this can be brought to bear, rather than in the reactive turn where I tend to lose the HMG far too easily to snipers and other similar weapons.

This miniature (and the three which will follow in due course) is part of a different box of Druze Shock Teams which I think were sculpted at a different time. As a result they are a bit different from the previous four I posted, though of course they are plenty similar enough for my tastes. AS far as possible I stuck with the same colour scheme as the others so it will look even less obvious when seen as a whole force on the tabletop. I realised when painting this particular miniature that I’ve been indoctrinated by GW and other gaming companies to expect giant weapons, so the HMG here looks quite dainty by comparison.

My only complaint about the sculpt is the unforgivable crime of putting battle heels on. Funnily enough, this bothers me a lot more than the chainmail bikinis of the Witch Aelves. Probably this is because (in my mind) the Witch Aelves are a knowing pastiche of fantasy cliches while Infinity brands itself as a more ‘realistic’ interpretation. Anyway, as you can see, it didn’t bother me enough to stop me from painting the Druze Shock Team by way of some kind of protest…

Next on the painting table: Druze Shock Team Hacker with Combi Rifle (second sculpt).

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11 thoughts on “Painted Druze Shock Team with Heavy Machine Gun

  1. Nicely done mate – battle heals aside, this is a lovely mini, and your green & white works really nicely!

    • Thanks. I have just three more miniatures to go, then I’ll do a family photo. Hopefully my intended effect will work well en masse.

  2. I’m with Alex on this, like the figure and the colour scheme.

  3. Looking good man šŸ‘šŸ¼

  4. Ann

    I also like he colour scheme. šŸ™‚

  5. Nice one – great choice of colours.

    • Thanks. I’m pretty sure that the space-SAS will opt for less silly colours, but for now I like the bright look on the tabletop. Reality is for wimps anyway šŸ™‚

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