Painted Pyro

This is Pyro, another member of the Brotherhood of Mutants for Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s a fairly squishy long-ranged character who, perhaps unsurprisingly, hands out the extremely useful Incinerate condition as his main trick. I really like having his toolbox available, not least his character-specific Tactics Card ‘Pyrotechnics’ as it gives options to push enemies or make them drop their Extract tokens, both of which are clearly very useful in the game.

Red and yellow are Pyro’s classic colours from the 90s cartoons were an easy choice to use for his costume and I love the brightness on the tabletop. That’s one thing to be said for this superhero game – it’s a riot of colour on the board. The only thing I don’t really like is that his fire-coloured costume is therefore very similar to the actual fire he’s manipulating and it means that the fire doesn’t really stand out particularly well.

Next on the painting table: Reductus Saboteur.

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13 thoughts on “Painted Pyro

  1. Very cool, i.e. hot – which is really cool! 😁

  2. Nice job! I used to like playing characters from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants team in Heroclix. They weren’t my fave villains team in comics but game wise they had a really nice variety of powers. Destiny – Precog, Pyro – Fire, Avalanche – Earth, Blob – Strength, Unus – invulnerability, Vanisher – teleporting, Rogue – power stealing, there have been lots of different members over the the years and being able to pick and choose from them can yield a pretty powerful combo!

    • Thank you!

      Brotherhood is one of the teams to beat in MCP at the moment as well (despite my awful performance with them in February) but the balance overall is good enough that no team is dominant. I don’t think I ever played Heroclix – was it more like a card game where you can unlock combos by forming certain teams?

      • It’s a miniatures game and the unique thing was the dial used as the base for the mini. When a character got hit, you clicked down the dial. This would usually make them weaker, but sometimes would change their powers. Hulk actually got tougher as he got hit, which was interesting. You used dice to make hit rolls.

  3. Nice work on Pyro here! I like the classic BoEM scheme and you’ve pulled it off really nicely. Good point on his flames. I picked up this 2-pack recently so you’ve given me pause for thought ok how I’ll have to do him and his flames…

    • Cheers! I look forward to seeing how you tackle Pyro and The Blob.

      In retrospect, I wonder if going for a bluer, propane-type flame colour might have been a better move. It even fits the character as he can’t actually create fire, just control it – hence the back-pack and hoses.

      • That’s one of the two options I was thinking about – possibly a blue flame or going for a “cold/dark” or (very subtle) black-ish shading to the yellow and red of his costume, while going for a very warm yellow-orange-red feel to the flames.

  4. Just like the Blob, he is a classic X-Men character! In the old X-Men arcade game, he was the first boss and so people of a certain age know this character from that, I imagine. You did a great job painting up the flames on Pyro, mate 🙂

    • Thank you!

      That old X-Men game is certainly a blast from the past. I think that most of the X-Men characters in MCP are based on the 90s cartoon and the comics from the mid 80s to early 90s. In theory that gives AMG an opportunity to release the same characters from different times in their history, as they’ve done for example with Doctor Strange or Black Widow.

      • That would be cool! You’re spot-on about the X-Men cartoon’s popularity. I watched it growing up as well 🙂

  5. Nice work! I do like the chaotic clash of colors on the board for MCP, it really sets the game apart from others.

    • Thanks Eric!

      It’s certainly a brighter affair than more realistic games like Bolt Action, and I do love painting these vibrant colour schemes.

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