Painted The Blob

Here is Blob (actually ‘The Blob’ but I prefer to leave off the definitive article) for Marvel Crisis Protocol. As expected he’s affiliated with Brotherhood of Mutants only. Blob might look like he should be a brawler but he’s arguably more use as a kind of control piece; his attacks have pushes on them and he can even push people away when they’re attacking him. I also like Blob’s ability not to be pushed or thrown by attacks, though superpowers with those effects work just fine. It’s hilarious when Black Panther comes in to try to push Blob away, only to find himself being the one bouncing backwards after the attack. I’ve often said that one thing that MCP does very well is having the characters rules make them play the way I feel that they should, and this is very much the case for Blob.

I really enjoyed working on Blob, his sculpt is straight out of the 90s cartoons and I gave him a costume to match. Despite all the practice I get painting yellow on all these superheroes I still find it tough to get a coverage that I like, especially when paired with a very dark colour like the rest of Blob’s suit. Still, it worked out nicely and I’m glad to have him done.

Next on the painting table: Elektra.

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8 thoughts on “Painted The Blob

  1. Great work on this big boy!

  2. Great job on this guy, mate! He’s a classic villain without a doubt and its great to hear he plays like you would expect too. Honestly, he sounds like he’d be fun to use in MCP to me 🙂

    • Cheers Jeff 🙂

      He’s a proper unmitigated villain, at least in the comics I’ve read. Mystique and Magneto for example have an agenda which sometimes puts them at odds with the protagonists. The Blob is just a bully.

  3. Noice – for some reason this takes me back to late 70’s British wrestling 😁

  4. Nice job, I think the yellow turned out pretty well. Especially right up against that dark blue. Yea, the Blob is a weird one. Created back in 1964 with the one gimmick power ‘he can’t be moved’. Later heroes/villains would include super strength, but he was stuck with very little strength. A lot like Ursa Major, who also looks like he should be super strong but isn’t. They did a pretty nice job on the model, making it look like it came straight out of the 90s comics/cartoons.

  5. Thanks.

    I think that a lot of the early X-Men and associated villains are oddly underpowered by modern standards; for a long time Angel’s superpower was that he could fly… which a whole load of the others can do as a side effect of their true powers.

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