Painted Black Cat

Here is Black Cat for Marvel Crisis Protocol, a clear homage to DC’s Catwoman, right down to being a sometime foe and sometime ally for the main character of the comics (Spider-Man in this case) while wearing a leather cat suit. Black Cat is a thief (more specifically, of course, she’s a cat burglar) and this is reflected in-game with her signature ability to steal Extract tokens off people. Since she can also move very fast and separately has a superpower to move even further, this can be a game changing move to pinch some Extracts and then run away and hide. Indeed, I lost a recent game against my friend Lewis when his Black Cat stole some Cube fragments off my Domino and then ran away laughing.

I really enjoyed painting Black Cat. Her pose is ludicrously over the top in a very fitting way for a superhero game and I think that her tactical girder really adds to the story it tells. I gave the cat suit a coat of brown ink rather than a wash as I specifically wanted to bring out the shininess. I’m quite pleased with the effect and in particular I think it contrasts well with the furry bits for a different texture.

Next on the painting table: Foetid Bloat Drone.

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11 thoughts on “Painted Black Cat

  1. She’s great – fond comic book memories of her teaming up with Spidey 😊

    • Thanks Alex! She has a special Tactics Card called The Cat and The Spider which lets them do cool stuff together in the game too; I quite like how the game mechanics can feel right for the comics.

  2. Nicely done mate. 🙂

  3. Great work, but as you say that pose really is over the top!

    • Thanks! I’m in two minds on it to be honest. It’s true that it’s hilariously over the top, but ultimately most of the minis are in a ‘standing around looking cool’ pose so maybe it’s quite nice to switch it up a bit.

  4. Love the model, not fond of the pose at all. I can see they were going for, but, not sure they pulled it off. Maybe something more like Black Widow’s pose.
    Also, nice job with the paint job!

    • Thanks.

      I actually had some idea to lean right into the silly pose and have her somehow dodging the rocket from the Deadpool kit but I couldn’t get it to look right at all. At least she’s distinctive!

  5. She looks great, mate! The pose was an interesting choice to be sure. I can’t say whether I like it or hate it! I know she has a lot of fans but I’ve read next to nothing that has Black Cat in it so she’s pretty unfamiliar to me. I know she has a tendency to show up with Peter Parker doesn’t want her there but that’s about it! That would make for an interesting ability in-game come to think of it…

    • Thank you Kuribo! I’m sure that I’m short-changing the comic-writers but my general impression has been that she’s more or less interchangeable with DC’s Catwoman character so if you’ve read any comics with her and Batman then that’ll probably give you the idea of who she is.

      • I almost said something similar and said, “Quite frankly, Black Cat seems like the Marvel version of Cat Woman” but I know way less about DC than Marvel so I didn’t want someone in the comments to prove me wrong 😀

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