Painted Anastasia Di Bray

Here is Anastasia Di Bray, part of the Mercenaries faction in Warmachine. I normally write a little about how she plays on the tabletop but I think that the entire ruleset has changed since the last time I actually used Anastasia in a game. She’s basically a spy in the stories and her game rules involve ambush deployment and a highly amusing (if hard to pull off) special rule if you can get her very close to the other Warcaster that allows you to move nearby units again (i.e. into range to punch them to death). I’ve never actually heard of anyone getting this to work outside of demonstration games though.

As befits her job as a spy, I chose to stick with dark, naturalistic colours for Anastasia. I quite like the result and it was an interesting change from the primary colours I usually like to use to make my miniatures look bright on the table. She was also delightfully quick to deal with, taking just a couple of short sessions at the painting table while I was working on some other stuff. The sculpt is fairly old and I like the understated pose; I feel like if Anastasia were a new miniature it would be balanced precariously on a rock throwing knives around like confetti.

I dedicate this post to Ann’s ‘Paint The Crap You Already Own!’ challenge for April. I bought Anastasia in the first week of a job that required me to work away from home in late 2016 when I wandered into the gaming store of the town I was staying in that week. The owner was just closing up but kindly let me in for a browse and I felt like I should repay him by picking up something. I was actually looking for Wyrd (of Malifaux fame) miniatures and I remember that we had a chat where I had to explain to him that I didn’t need ‘weird’ miniatures instead. In the process of digging Anastasia out of her box I also found some other Mercenaries from around the same time so I’ll add them to the painting queue in due course. Many thanks to Ann, not only for running the hobby challenge but for this little trip down memory lane.

Next on the painting table: Chaos Knight War Dog.

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7 thoughts on “Painted Anastasia Di Bray

  1. Nice! She looks formidable as hell – loving the toned town Matrix/cyber punk vibe!

  2. She’s a great looking rogue type, and yeah, the first thing I thought of wa that she looks very Cyberpunk.

    • Cheers. One quick weapon swap to a handgun and she’d fit right in to a modern day, cyberpunk or near future game. I also feel like she’s generic enough to be an option for an RPG character.

      • Ann

        You know, that was the first thought I had too: she’d make a great figure for RPG’s; heck if I were going to play some sort of human or elven rogue in a D&D game I think I’d consider picking up this figure for that, even though I don’t play Warmachine.

        • I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see if Di Bray ever makes an appearance in preparation for some future D&D sessions. I’d be interested to see what she looks like in your hands.

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