Painted Hanged

These chaps are the Hanged for the Malifaux Resurrectionists faction. They’re helpfully Spirits among other keywords so can be summoned by both Kirai and Molly. I found them rather less effective as hired models rather than summoned since they’re such high priority to kill and so annoying when not killed that they’re almost always dropped at range by the other crew if at all possible. Their abilities mostly revolve around making the other crew take more Horror duels than usual, but the main draw is the Whispers From Beyond action that knocks half wounds off their target and stops it from being healed. Overall, they’re amazing when I use them and amazingly annoying when I face them. Being able to summon them into place with Molly and splash Black Blood on your hapless foes is probably the most satisfying way to use Hanged.

I decided to paint the skin tone for the Hanged as if they are freshly dropped through the gallows rather than greying zombie flesh. I see them as more like ghosts rather than the corpses of the condemned (the game rules slightly support this with their Incorporeal rule).

Next on the painting table: Shikome

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2 thoughts on “Painted Hanged

  1. They’re rather creepy. I think they’d also make great Ordo Xenos Daemonhosts.

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