Painted Logan, The Wolverine

This is Logan, The Wolverine for Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s another one of the characters with multiple versions in the game so isn’t to be confused with the original Wolverine release. This one is honestly much better on the tabletop than his predecessor, bringing rerolls to increase his reliability (a huge improvement on the other Wolverine) and some lovely mobility as he places within range one of whoever he attacks. Logan still brings Healing Factor 2 and therefore access to the X-Ceptional Healing card so while bringing him down isn’t impossible, it is certainly quite annoying. I’ve really enjoyed playing Logan as he feels very dynamic and fitting for the character – grumpily pouncing across the board and making *snikt* noises.

This version of Logan is dressed in civilian clothes which makes a bit of a change from all the spandex suits I’ve been painting lately. I will admit that I prefer my comic characters to be at least a bit silly but I did really enjoy painting a someone who, if not for the claws coming out of his hands, could just be a normal person going about their business. The base is different from the majority of the MCP minis as it is meant to be a part of a diorama set in which Wolverine and Sabretooth (another new version, more about him later) grimace at each other atop a bunker entrance at Alkali Lake. I was a bit worried about the snow but in the end I came upon a very simple approach – a base coat of my palest blue, then top it with a few very thin coats of white. I’m really pleased with the way that this has come out.

Next on the painting table: Beta Ray Bill.

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15 thoughts on “Painted Logan, The Wolverine

  1. Looking good and the snow came out fine. It can be a challenge to get that right.

  2. Excellent work there, and you smashed the snow.

  3. Nice work! Simple effect for the snow and it turned out nicely. Character wise I wasn’t crazy about Logan’s civilian superhero costumes, but this is probably the best one. I’m looking forward to Beta-Ray Bill!

    • Thanks Faust 🙂 I quite like the slightly less bizarre costume here after all the yellow spandex!

      • Yea, yellow and blue (traditional x-men colors) is hard to make look right on Minis. It looks quite good in the comics, but not as well otherwise. Especially since yellow can be a pain to paint. If I get my hands on a Wolverine mini, I’ll likely go with with his Brown costume. Even though I first saw him in the yellow and blue, the brown costume just seemed right. I know some kids prefer the yellow/blue though, since that was made popular by 90s X-men comics and especially the cartoons.

        • That’s fair. I think that my favourite costume for him is in the first X-Men movie with Hugh Jackman. It’s just silly enough that you’d never see anyone just walking around the street dreesed like that, but not so ridiculous that it only works in comic book world.

          • Most superhero costumes were inspired by Circus type costumes like acrobats or Wrestlers. Colorful and skin tight. 90s started to change that, bringing mixes of street clothes with spandex, plus lots of belts and pads. Then costumes started to shift towards more military style clothes, which is sort of where the movies went. Giving them tight uniforms, but a bit more practical than spandex/lycra or leotards. There has been a lot of debate over the actual material used in the old superhero costumes, but I think when people start questioning the realism of superheroes they are getting way out to sea! Mostly it’s just artists trying to make something look cool and keep your attention while they tell a story! 😀

            • I think that I read once that the skin-tight costumes were picked as a way for the artists to show their skill at depicting musculature while also not running afoul of the Comics Code Authority. I agree though that at the point where you’re worrying about the practicality of their costumes then you’re getting into deep water about why the superhero world is so weird in other ways 😛

  4. Well played mate, nice basing 👍

    • Cheers Alex. Just to be clear, all I did was paint the supplied base – it’s not like I created this little scene with the snow, log and hatch 🙂

  5. That is a cool version of Wolverine! He looks great whether he’s in his costume or not. It is surprising and entertaining that this version is better than the costumed version. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed it!

    • Thanks Jeff!

      Rules are a bit of an oddity and power levels are hard to get perfect. It might just be that I prefer the toolkit available for this version of Wolverine. They’re the same cost in game, so in theory they’re about as good as each other…

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