Painted Primus

This chap is a (or possibly the?) Primus for my Genestealer Cults army in Warhammer 40K. He’s sort of the budget combat leader for if you don’t want to go full xeno with the Patriarch in charge, but the Primus is more focussed on improving the rest of your army. In play this seems to mainly involve him sitting behind whichever unit you want to shoot things with and trying to avoid anyone just blowing him up randomly… which now I think about it is largely the same place as many of the other Cult hero options.

Painting the Primus was where I really noticed my folly in trying to link the blue tunics of the more human-looking cultists with the blue chitin of the less human ones. It works fine when those two parts don’t come together but, as here, it makes the sleeve and arm look a bit weird. Otherwise I quite enjoyed painting this evil alien cult leader as he got done very smoothly and without any hiccups. Of course, the colours remain broadly matching the rest of the cult. I now just have one unit to paint up and I can call this project complete.

Next on the painting table: Logan, The Wolverine.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Primus

  1. It sounds like you’re getting close to the end now, mate! That’s always a nice feeling. Is it coincidence that you’re painting something blue and yellow before tackling Wolverine? I think not! 😉 I look forward to seeing Logan!

    • Thanks! I’m almost done with this project and already have my eye on the next one.

      As for the blue and yellow, I’m afraid to disappoint! This version of Wolverine is more like the one from the films where he’s wearing civilian clothes.

  2. Lovely job mate – suitably sinister for a cult leader!

    • Thanks Alex! 40K is not a setting for subtlety – baddies look like baddies… which includes most of the protagonist factions too 😉

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