Painted Shadowland Daredevil

Here is Shadowland Daredevil for Marvel Crisis Protocol. I’ll admit that I’m not an afficionado of Daredevil comics but I think that this is meant to be at some point when he became a baddie since he has a leadership for Criminal Syndicate. Daredevil’s attacks are not particularly exciting and so in my experience his main draw is his great defensive profile so usually I find that he just ends up trying to sit on an objective and tickle people while not taking much damage in return. His leadership ability is very good for attrition, especially for Rapid Fire characters like Hood or Winter Soldier, but it comes at the opportunity cost of not taking Kingpin’s amazing leadership instead.

Like the stealthy ninja that he is, Daredevil helpfully changed into a black costume to let everyone else know that he’d become a baddie. I tried a slightly different approach with the black suit as I wanted to avoid just being drab. This time I started with a black base then very heavily highlighted it in dark blue before hitting the lot with a blue wash. I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out – black but with a hint of colour. The red details and his eyes really help the whole thing to pop, and I’m very pleased with the way that this looks considering that basically it’s just a man standing around in a one-colour spandex outfit.

Next on the painting table: The Blob.

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13 thoughts on “Painted Shadowland Daredevil

  1. Hey! Nice work on the alternate colour scheme. I don’t know anything about this run of comics, but you’ve certainly done a great job here. I also like how he’s carefully just placed his coffee down for a moment to ponder the action! 😀

    • Thank you! I never really got into Daredevil comics so I’ll defer to Kuribo’s and Faust’s expertise on the matter. I actually really enjoy the bits of litter that come for cluttering up the bases so it’s a pleasure to have another coffee cup for Daredevil to brood over.

  2. I’m with Az, I would have had to look him up to even see what colors he wore! I do like how the red eyes set the whole feeling of the miniature!

  3. Interesting approach. Looks like that would be a good way to do rubber too. Or like the black suit that Black Widow wore in the Iron Man movie maybe. Game wise, DD is one of those characters that will never translate well. He’s “street level” as they call them. Basically a human who is a bit beyond your hardcore athlete and top level martial artists. That doesn’t mean much when you have guys like the Hulk or Thor running around. But in comics they did some really nice grim and gritty crime dramas with him. The Daredevil tv series that was first on Netflix is great and something I would point most people too. They did a fantastic job of capturing the best story run DD comics.

    • Thanks 🙂 I think that the game does a pretty reasonable job of making the characters play the way that you feel that they should, without them being hopelessly outmatched when the normal people come up against those with godlike power. In general the power level of the characters (at least for the goodies) is pretty much how good they are when they show up in someone else’s comic – we all know that everyone gets to be a badass when it’s their name on the front cover. The game has to handle everything from Shuri (just a normal person, albeit an extraordinarily clever one) up to Thanos and Dormammu.

  4. Nicely done mate, great glossy effect on that black!

  5. I skipped reading this run of comics because the quality took a bit of a nosedive around this time. Shadowland had it kind of bad because the previous two runs on Daredevil were really great and things started to trail off near the end of Ed Brubaker’s run which is when Shadowland happened. It surprises me that they made a sculpt from this era of the character a little bit but there must be some fans out there. Regardless of all that, I like the color scheme a lot. Daredevil is brooding as a character and deserves a darker color scheme!

    • Thanks Kuribo. I guess that AMG have to release some of the more obscure characters or story arcs, otherwise they’ll quickly run out of minis to make. I keep meaning to pick up some of the Daredevil runs that you’ve recommended to me but haven’t really got to it yet. Good things come to those who wait!

      • Having variations of popular characters (Spider-Man and Wolverine come to mind) makes a lot of sense to me. Heck, Marvel does it all the time themselves! No worries on not reading Daredevil yet, it won’t be hard to find in the future and will be ready when you are 🙂

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