Painted Captain America

This is Captain America for Marvel Crisis Protocol, this time with Sam Wilson in the costume. Coming in at one threat cheaper than Steve Rogers, this version of Captain America can offer a very different way to play Avengers. Indeed, his Leadership was dominant in the game for a while with very wide lists leveraging cheap affiliated characters; however, that seems to have fallen out of favour as a result of a rise of ‘predator’ rosters to this style and changes to the Crises and Tactics cards that it favoured. Captain America is highly mobile and has a long ranged attack which makes him ideal on wide Crises like Infinity Formula where he can leverage his speed to secure various Objectives. The downside to all of this is that he can be rather fragile and he’s somewhat vulnerable to single big dice spikes just dazing him out of nowhere. Usually when I see this Captain America he’s either KOed very early or he’s an absolute terror flying round and interfering with all of my plans.

It was a lot of fun to paint Captain America; by the standards of most superheroes he has quite an interesting costue to work with and red, white and blue is certainly a classic combination of colours. I slightly deviated from the box art as I didn’t care for the red boots and I wanted to keep the look a bit closer to Anthony Mackie’s highly enjoyable portrayal of the character in the MCU. I think that the black boot and pouches gives a slightly less comedic look, though I recognise that this is still not exactly the kind of outfit one might wear to the pub.

Next on the painting table: Hand Ninjas.

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19 thoughts on “Painted Captain America

  1. Nicely done mate – is there a traditional Cap as well as the newer version?

  2. Nicely done! I hadn’t thought about what this character would like in the minis, but he looks really nice and colorful. I’d have to see both Caps side by side to figure out which one I’d really want to go with!

    • Thank you! Having a side-by-side with the other Captain America would be quite fun, maybe I’ll do that when I get the other, other Captain America mini eventually. They’re very different on the tabletop, of course, and you can play both Captain Sam and Captain Steve in the same team.

      • Do they let you play the WW2 one with the other two as well? That wouldn’t make much sense, but weird stuff happens in comics too. It sounds like you can’t have duplicate heroes in the game, which was something that really bugged me about Heroclix.

        • Good question. The game is played by picking a team of the needed size from a preselected roster of 10 characters. It’s allowed to have two with the same ‘real’ name in the roster but no duplication on the tabletop. So for example there are two Peter Parkers – ‘Spider Man’ and ‘Amazing Spider Man’ (to represent different times in his life). You can’t have them both on the table at the same time, but you could have one of them joined by Miles Morales, also Spider Man.

          • Yea, that makes sense to someone familiar with the comics. In Heroclix, I believe you could have two Daredevils, even though I knew they were both Matt Murdock…oh wait, did I just give out his secret identity?!

            • The main oddity at the moment is that there is a Venom (with Eddie Brock inside) and an Agent Venom (with Flash Thomson inside) and you could play them both together even though they’re meant to be the same symbiote. Of course it’s possible to have the same character on either side of the table so if you’re really into the narrative then it would still be broken there.

              • Ah, so one player could have a Peter Parker Spidey fighting another Peter Parker Spidey on the other side?

                • Yes, there is no restrictions on what is in the other team. Comics are filled with evil twins, clones, robots, doppelgangers, alternate universes and so on so I don’t worry too much about that part. The narrative can get a bit silly, but not sillier than the source material!

  3. To me, this nails the look of the comic books really well. Anthony Macke did a great job as this character and so I would use him as inspiration as well! Great job and its good to see you balancing out recent Russian characters with a Yankee as well 😉

  4. Great work on Cap-Sam here – the costume has come up really nicely. I wonder if they’ll release a model for Sam as Falcon as well?

    • Thanks Azazel! There are already several characters with more than one iteration in the game (not least Steve Rogers) so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a Falcon mini released eventually.

  5. Looks great and the black boots seem to work really well.

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