Painted Red Guardian

Here is Red Guardian, the last (for now) member of the Winter Guard in Marvel Crisis Protocol. Red Guardian plays rather like a budget Captain America too; he can do most of the cool stuff that Steve Rogers does but with a bit less panache, he gets dazed much more easily, and he can’t Bodyguard. What he does have is the Comrade’s Keeper card which does allow him to take a hit for a friendly character and then possibly throw the attacker away; unusually there is no size cap on the throw so he could hurl Dormammu or a Sentinel into the distance if needed.

Red Guardian’s red and white suit should have been painful to paint but actually it turned out to be a joy and I got him painted up very quickly and easily. I loved that the sculpt went all in on the old-school appearance with the enormous white boots and gloves. The contrast between the red and white turned out to really make both colours pop so that is something for me to remember in the future.

Red Guardian is meant to be a cheap and cheerful version of Captain America and his appearance in the Black Widow film toys with this idea a bit, although much of that is played for laughs anyway. Because of some oddities in the comic books, this particular person wearing the suit isn’t the same as the one portrayed in the film. Apparently in the Winter Guard there are just suits/jobs and they find suitable heroes to play that role; therefore there have been numerous Red Guardians etc as they retire or whatever. I guess that this maybe makes sense for suit-based heroes like Crimson Dynamo (after all, there could be anyone in there) but I do love the idea that there are a load of bear-people waiting to take over the role of Ursa Major when the current one decides to hand in his notice.

Next on the painting table: Captain America.

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14 thoughts on “Painted Red Guardian

  1. Nice job with the red and whites! What color red did you end-up using?

    • Thanks Eric. The base red is GW’s Evil Sunz Scarlet. I generally use the Citadel paints but I’ll admit that it’s mainly born of 30+ years of habit rather than any specific brand preference.

      • I heard ya. I tarted with mostly GW, dropped out of painting any figures for 10+ years and when I got back into it, I grabbed a big set of Army Painter Paints, been slowly replacing and adding to my paints with mostly Vallejo. I do like that read, but not enough to go buy some GW stuff, lol!

  2. Great job on the big Russian there, mate! Its good to see you painting again but I have noticed a little slowdown in your production lately. As your manager, I’m not mad but I am disappointed and expect better performance in the near future 😉

    • Haha, thanks for the feedback boss! Civilisation 6 took over a fair bit of my free time lately but I’m back on the painting train for now 🙂

      • You’re welcome and Civilization is a pretty good reason to take a break! 🙂 It will keep your tactical skills sharp too!

  3. Cracking job mate 👍

  4. Looks really good and as you say the red and white really work. Well let’s be honest that’s why they did it in the comics as well 🙂

    • Thanks. You’re exactly right, of course – the comic colours are well designed to be bold and recognisable and so it’s an easy choice to follow their lead.

  5. Great looking job on Captain Redmerica here! I think we need a group shot of the Winter Guard all together looking cool – perhaps that can motivate me to finally finish off Darkstar who is currently still in the same three pieces that she was back in January.. 😮

    • Thanks! I should do another round of family photos – there are a lot more characters out there than when I did that last time. Winter Guard are currently the (joint?) smallest affiliation with just four affiliated miniatures over two boxes.

  6. That is really nice, as you say the red and white really help each other. I do like the shield as well that metal effect you have gone for is great.

    • Thanks LCE! I guess that the comic book writers over the years have gotten pretty good at picking costume colours that work nicely.

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