Painted Darkstar

This is Darkstar, another member of the Winter Guard for Marvel Crisis Protocol. In the sense that most of the original Winter Guard are portrayed as imitations of the Avengers, Darkstar is clearly intended to be their version of Captain Marvel. In game terms she’s very different, bringing some minor defensive tech and a nice long range energy attack. Darkstar’s main cool trick is her Dimensional Portal, a huge Place effect for friendly characters with a massive pickup. The only downside to this is that it’s quite costly in terms of power, and Darkstar is not very good at generating power. For that reason, I’m planning to try her with Magneto’s Brotherhood – he’ll appreciate being ferried around the board without spending actions on it, and the extra power generation from Magneto’s leadership should make it a bit more practical to pay for Dimensional Portal.

Darkstar’s costume of yellow and black is almost perfectly designed to be the colours I find hardest to come out looking good. I ended up going back and forth many times to correct various lining errors and putting more layers on the yellow than I’d care to talk about. In the end, I’m happy with the result but it was more effort than the final result would suggest. I quite enjoyed Darkstar’s sculpt, though for some reason I’m unable to get a photo of her that doesn’t look like she’s tipping over.

Next on the painting table: Magus.

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15 thoughts on “Painted Darkstar

  1. I dunno, I think the yellow and black came out quite good! I can never get yellow to be that bright, but if I need it to pop I always prime in white, then look to pink or brown as an undercoat for the yellow – those better covering colors help support the poor coverage of yellow. Can’t say much about lining, it takes patience and a very steady hand! That being said, I have been known to thin down my paints and let capillary action help if there are well defined edges to butt up against!

    • Thanks Eric, that’s so kind of you. I do use a light brown base for my yellows, which I think is probably based on some advice from you in the past. The capillary action thing is a cool trick; I’ve used it for inks before but never really occured to me to do it for the main paints too.

  2. I like how you picked three colors that all work well together. I think she’s got an evil look about her for sure. I think this mini is hard to paint well without layering and/or glazing because she has almost no hard lines in her costume. Other than upping the contrast in the model, I don’t think there is much more you could do with her and I highly doubt you’re thinking of spending hours and hours on her like I tend to do so I’d say this is a job done well! 🙂

    • Thanks Jeff 🙂

      I don’t think that the modern Darkstar (or the Winter Guard in general) are meant to be baddies any more. Obviously there was a time in the 80s when they were clearly intended as mirror-world antagonists to the Avengers but the only recent comic I’ve read with them has them clearly acting as the heroes.

      You’re right, of course, that I’m not about to spend the kind of time that you put into your minis – even if I did I’d not achieve as great a result as you regularly produce. Keep up the inspiration!

      • Interesting! I’m not familiar with the Winter Guard at all in the comics though I didn’t read much Black Widow either now that I think about it so I had no idea they had transitioned to the good side. I guess that isn’t too different than the Winter Soldier’s story arc now that I think about it.

        You’re too kind! Sometimes I feel a bit crazy putting the time into each mini that I do so none of us will probably ever be completely happy 😀

  3. I think she turned out good. Getting yellow or white to work next to a dark color like black can be really tricky. It’s funny that they haven’t really changed her costume in all these years! Guess it’s a keeper.

  4. Very nice indeed 👍

  5. I think the yellow and black have come out well. She looks great.

  6. Great work on her. She seems like one that would be pretty tricky to get standing properly on that glowy energy ball and a right pain in the butt to paint around the casting effects as well, so I think you’ve pulled it off pretty well. 👍

    • Thanks Azazel. I think that it would probably have been a bit of simpler paint if I’ve done the painting before completing assembly… but I’d rather play with my minis instead of denying myself that fun until the painting is finished 😉

  7. Black and yellow may be your least favorite colours to paint but you got them looking good here mate!

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