Painted Malekith The Accursed

This is Malekith, the Accursed for Marvel Crisis Protocol, or more accurately: most of this is a Bog Tiger with a very small baddie standing on her back. Malekith is currently perceived as The New Hotness in MCP with many feeling that he’s too good for his admittedly hefty seven-threat cost. This might well be the case as Malekith is a very tightly refined toolbox to daze one or two characters per turn and he has the mobility to make sure that he will always have a good target. Having played Malekith, my main criticism isn’t that he’s too strong but rather that he isn’t really very interesting to play. Basically every round you activate him, probably daze a character and then hand over to your opponent. Malekith is quite vulnerable to conditions, especially Stagger and Shock, as he needs to do a lot of work to justify his place in a team and hence he seems to be quite commonly seen in Asgard and Winter Guard, both of which allow him to remove pesky conditions before he gets to work.

Painting Malekith was really enjoyable. I very rarely paint in subassemblies but I did this time – base, wings, Bog Tiger and Malekith himself. I’ve also pinned the wings so that they’re removable as otherwise transporting this ‘mini’ would be awful. I’m actually most proud of the wings. They’re painted white and then coloured with first blue and then red washes to give an otherworldly look, with the bony bits being given a Nuln Oil wash instead. Malektih himself feels almost like an afterthought in terms of the painting; he’s tiny and so completely dwarfed by his mount that I’m fairly sure I could remove him entirely from the mini and no-one would really notice on the tabletop.

Edit: here is a picture of Malekith next to Cyclops so you can see the scale of the mini.

Next on the painting table: Neophyte Hybrids.

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16 thoughts on “Painted Malekith The Accursed

  1. Wow, that’s an impressive mini! Lovely job mate, that tiger fur is really cool 👍

  2. nice job with a complex minature! Any chance you could pose him with a standard MCP character for size comparison?

    • Cheers! That’s a great idea. I can’t work out how to add a photo in this comment so I’ve edited above to include a comparison picture with Cyclops.

      • Ho Ho! But that is a big fella’. I knew it was big, but that is very much unexpected, he’s like a big building or a piece of terrain, everyone is going to have line-of-sight to him from anywhere on the tabletop!

        • It is indeed a huge mini. Actually the line-of-sight thing isn’t a huge issue as MCP uses an abstract LoS system in which he is merely size 4 – the same as Hulk and a few other big characters but not as massive as Dormammu or the Sentinels.

          • Yeah I know about the LOS system in MCP, I was just thinking he should be sized “tall” enough that everyone can see him! But I guess being short than a Sentinel makes sense.

  3. This one looks huge! Very nice mini I must say.

    • Cheers TIM, it is indeed not a very miniature miniature! At Eric’s excellent suggestion I’ve added a photo above with a more normal-sized MCP character for scale.

  4. That’s pretty nice! What really like the blue you used for Malekith’s skin too.

  5. That is a big one, mate! I really like how you painted it all with cold colors as that fits the character well. The Tiger really looks sharp too, just like white tigers do in real life. You keep practicing with sub-assemblies and you’ll be winning painting competitions in no time 😀

    • Cheers, I appreciate your kind words. I think that winning painting competitions might be rather a long way off though 😉

      • I used to say that sort of thing myself but if you keep painting and trying to improve you never know how far you will go! Or so says your manager 😉

  6. Very nice, the wings are great, that double wash has done them perfectly!

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