Painted Green Goblin

This is Green Goblin, the leader of the Spider-Foes affiliation in Marvel Crisis Protocol. He, along with Star-Lord, were the biggest beneficiaries of the AMG rules changes from the end of last year; in particular Green Goblin’s leadership ability went from being almost worse than useless to a rather cheeky increase in damage for almost all characters. I’ve enjoyed playing Green Goblin a lot as he’s very mobile and hands out conditions very easily with his builder. He’s also one of the characters who changes most when flipping his card, moving from a mobile skirmisher to unhinged lunatic in a manner most befitting of his personality swings in the comics.

I absolutely loved painting Green Goblin, especially that delightfully characterful face. I remember once reading that early comic writers often used green and purple as signifier colours for baddies (er, and also Hulk) and Green Goblin is the pinnacle of that trope since he’s entirely made up of both of those colours. I thought about making the exhaust from the glider have some hints of orange in the middle as though it was more like a jet engine but I eventually decided that I preferred it just in grey.

Next on the painting table: Hawkeye.

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15 thoughts on “Painted Green Goblin

  1. Excellent 😁👍

  2. Nice one! That’s another great mini. Like Mysterio, he was another Steve Ditko design. The purple, green, and orange colors really play up the contrast!

  3. Another fine job mate and another greatly posed figure. 🙂

  4. Love the black eyeliner, it really brings his face to maniacal that is Green Goblin!

    • Thanks Eric. I’ve been trying to give a bit more depth to the eyes lately but you’re right – it does look like Norman has gone a bit overboard on the make-up.

      • I hope I’m reading your comment wrong. I did not intend to say you went overboard on his eyes, I think they are prefect for this character, I only wish I had done the same with my Green Goblin!

  5. You nailed the look from the comics on this one, mate! I really like the sculpt as well. It is dynamic without too many puffs of smoke or magical effects on it.

  6. Very nice model, good paintjob!

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