Painted Neophyte Hybrids

This is my first batch of Neophyte Hybrids for a Genestealer Cult force in Warhammer 40,000. They’re the cheapest of the cheap infantry but have two main things going for them (apart from low cost, which I guess is an advantage all of its own) – the Seismic Cannon heavy weapons that can be embedded in the squads are really effective, and because of the ease of recursion there is a good chance to get a second round of shooting out of the unit unless the other player is willing to commit enough resource to wipe out the unit in one go. That’s not especially hard to do but since the whole squad is so cheap it can lead to an imbalance of effort put into killing the Neophytes and can sometimes let another more valuable target survive. I’ve generally used the Neophytes in units of twenty with a Cult Icon and four Seismic Cannons – there are builds out there with over one hundred of these little chaps!

Painting the Neophytes has been quite a fun experience. In retrospect, picking a yellow-based colour scheme for a horde army was quite a poor move but I’m in no special hurry to paint them all. I’ve purposefully spent a lot less time per mini here than I usually would; they’re definitely getting a basic tabletop standard paint job as I simply don’t paint quick enough to get through any meaningful force before the heat death of the universe if I do this at my normal speed. The yellow and blue combination has turned out to be quite a striking contrast and so I’ve deliberately left the other colours rather muted so that they can stand out better. I gave the Neophyte’s skin a blue wash to try to emphasise their non-human lineage and while that has worked in a sense I’m not especially happy with the way it actually looks on them. I think that I’ll have to continue to experiment with this. For my own sanity I’ve been painting the Neophytes in groups of five with something to break it up in between, so this lot actually represents two batches of them.

Next on the painting table: Scarlet Witch.

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18 thoughts on “Painted Neophyte Hybrids

  1. These look great mate! I reckon all that Marvel painting has subconsciously steered you towards a colour scheme worthy of the finest superhero/villain crew 😊

  2. Very nice mate. I really like your colours.

  3. Its cool to see you painting some Warhammer again. The colors look great and fit this army really well. I look forward to more and Wanda as well!

    • Thanks Kuribo! They’ve been on the tray for a while but it’s just been easier to paint single hero minis instead as I’ve not really had the painting mojo for a little while.

  4. A change of direction from those excellent Marvel figures and they look great. 🙂

  5. They look really good. The yellow and blue really work as a great combination – Still for of a combinations you’d see in comics as well 🙂

  6. Nic work AB! Others are pointing out the painting and colors, I also really like those bases! 😀

  7. Great work here, the yellow might be hard to paint but its come out great!

  8. They are great, what yellow did you use? I hate painting yellow, but have some to do on my Palanites

    • Thank you very much! I use mainly Citadel paints – the yellow is a base of Balor Brown with a main coat of Flash Gitz Yellow (sometimes more than one if the coverage is poor) and then a wash with Seraphim Sepia. It works quite nicely for a dirty, used-looking yellow.

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