Painted Star-Lord

This is Star-Lord for Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy affiliation and has probably arguably been the biggest beneficiary of the AMG errata from last year. Previously both Star-Lord and the Guardians were regarded as hopelessly underpowered, mainly because of Star-Lord’s leadership, but now they’re everywhere and able to run wide or high teams as needed with a focus on dice manipulation to give a very stable attrition output. Star Lord himself plays a lot like you might expect (always a strong point of MCP in my opinion) in that he’s a highly mobile ranged skirmisher with energy-typed attacks that are generally very desirable. I find that he plays quite straightforwardly without a lot of jank but his leadership can really enable other characters by smoothing out the dice variation.

Star-Lord, as for most of my MCP minis, is painted in accordance with the card art so I’ve kept with a slightly more sombre brown coat rather than the redder leather that he sometimes gets. He was a very simple paint and I very much enjoyed working on him. I think if I were to go back to Star-Lord I might spend a bit more time on the smoke trails from his rocket boots but he definitely gets in the ‘good enough’ pile for now.

Next on the painting table: Neophyte Hybrids.

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17 thoughts on “Painted Star-Lord

  1. Nice! In the limited games I’ve played against the upgraded GoG, I have to completely agree with your conclusions.

  2. Another fine addition. 🙂

  3. I can hear the music from Guardians of the Galaxy now! Star Lord looks great and I think the clothing looks especially nice on him too.

  4. Excellent work fella, I love that you have a ‘good enough’ pile 😁

  5. Good job and that smoke works for me. My question is “Did Star-Lord just drop his Starbucks cup on the ground and rush off to a fight?!”

    • Cheers! I like that image of dropping his coffee to do battle with super-villains. Actually the MCP basing sprues come with a few bits of rubbish like this to liven them up a bit so I try to remember to attach something during assembly.

      • Oh, had no idea they were random bits. That’s awesome that they give you something to vary them.

        • Yes, there are usually bottles, crushed cans and coffee cups on the sprues. Some characters also get something specific (for example Magneto has a few piles of metal scrap) and many of them have something to stand on; in Star-Lord’s case it seems that the trail of smoke is enough.

  6. That is a nice model, I would like him for Stargrave/Rogue Stars!

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