Painted Black Widow Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This is Black Widow Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. for Marvel Crisis Protocol, otherwise known as Agent Widow to differentiate her from the Black Widow in the Core Box. This version of Black Widow sacrifices some of her speed for considerably improved damage output but more importantly a highly amusing ability to Interrogate dazed enemy characters for a VP. This is surprisingly hard for me to pull off as, even though there are always dazed characters in a game you need to have her in the right spot, with the right amount of power to get it to work. I’ve heard it theorised that A-Force (where she is affiliated) is a good option for this as she gains enough power to do the Interrogate in the first place while being quite far behind She-Hulk in the target priority; however, I’ve yet to actually try this out.

I’m not particularly happy with the way that Black Widow’s costume has come out; the red ‘pops’ less than I had intended and the black part doesn’t really have that shiny look. If I was to go back to her (which, realistically, I’m not going to) I would spend some more time building up to a brighter shade on the red bits to make them stand out a bit better. Additionally, the brown straps and metallic bits on her arms don’t stand out enough from the rest of the costume.  However, I’m quite satisfied with the work on her head and I think that I managed to get her hair looking just the right shade.

Next on the painting table: Star-Lord.

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12 thoughts on “Painted Black Widow Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  1. Nicely done and I like the composition of this figure too, very good.

  2. Looks great to me mate 👍

  3. Hey now, that’s not a bad paint job! you could always go back in with a satin varnish to add sheen to the body suit and if you matte finished the model, you can always gloss varnish the metal bits to keep the metal shininess. All that works for me when I paint figures.
    As I said before, I like the mini as painted, great work!

    • Thanks Eric! Do you use brush-on varnishes? I’ve only had experience with spray cans which obviously wouldn’t work for this case.

      • My go to varnishes are Vallejo in the smaller 17ml dropper bottles. For large areas, I use and airbrush, but to highlight a small spot or area, I just brush it on. For larger areas I will thin it down with some airbrush thinner or flow aid to get a nicer flow and smoother finish.
        a single bottle would be over the top expensive and if your not spraying it, it would last ages! Bonus tip, if you use decals at all, you want to apply them over a gloss finish, then seal them with matte varnish.
        Good luck!

  4. Those red bits are really small and would be tough to achieve a smooth-looking contrast. If you can edge highlight the red parts with a lighter shade of red, I think you’ll like the contrast a lot better. The edges aren’t super crisp though so it might not be easy to pull off. With that all that said, I think Natasha looks great and its good to see you back at it too 🙂

    • Thanks Kuribo. I think that in general I could do a better job on these little flashes of colour in the superhero costumes so I will try to follow your advice about edge highlighting.

      • Edge highlighting is something that takes practice (or for me it did anyway) but it is an easy way to push your tabletop painting to new heights once you get it down. I think that is why GW’s painting team is so keen on using edge highlighting. It can help prevent the need to use glazing/layering which are more time consuming, especially on things like space marines.

  5. Any figure that is played by Scalet Johansson wins my approval. You are never too old to have celebratory crushes!

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