Painted Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme

This is Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. Don’t confuse him with just boring old normal Doctor Strange, this is a different character in game terms and represents them at different points in their career just like for Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man. Those of you familiar with Warmachine might liken it to the different iterations of their Warcasters. This version of Doctor Strange is much more direct than the other one’s support focus. He has a really sweet set of attacks which feel suitable for almost all occasions, including a very nice area attack as his main spender. Strange can also teleport friends or foes a really long way with his Scalpel of Strange ability and this is the one where I’ve really struggled – not because it’s not good (it’s amazing) but because I always slightly suspect that there is something even cooler that I could be doing with it.

I stuck with the box art for Doctor Strange’s costume, which is a fairly boring black and white. But because of the positioning, for me this mini is all about the head, the cape and the base. I deliberately tried to keep the case the same as the other version of Strange since it’s meant to be literally the same sentient clothing. I spent a lot more time than was really sensible on his face, trying to get the facial hair not to look like a joke shop disguise (mostly successful, I think, apart from maybe the eyebrows) and getting the trademark grey temples to look right. I’m pretty pleased with this. The base is just lovely and the sculpt for it gives this Strange mini an incredible dynamism; I spent quite a lot of effort messing about with the inside of the portal, only to realise that most of it is impossible to see when Strange himself is glued into place. Oh well, at least I know what it looks like! All in all, I’m really happy with my work here and I enjoyed the process too – an absolute favourite.

Next on the painting table: Black Widow, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme

  1. Black and white, guess I need to go see the movie! The miniature looks great too!

    • Cheers Eric! I think that in the latest movie Strange is mainly still wearing blue, so I’m not sure exactly where the black and white costume came from. I thought it looked great on the card art so I just dived right in.

  2. Excellent Strange, really nailed this one mate!

  3. This is a really nice looking version of Strange! Its dynamic like most MCP minis but it also showcases his magical abilities too. I like the darker color scheme you chose too. Doctor Strange looks like someone not to be messed with in these colors! 🙂

    • Cheers Kuribo. I definitely enjoyed the more extravagant base – it’s cooler than the usual tactical rock for MCP sculpts.

  4. Another one done nicely and another impressive base.

  5. Looking great! I like how the cloak and base turned out too!

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